Monday, 12 March 2018

How To Download GBWhatsApp V6.50

GB has yet released another version of their Whatsapp, this time the update comes with cool new feature that you wouldn't afford to miss. GBWhatsapp v6.50comes with cool new features like new ticks, new icons, new conversation bubbles, ability to manage group admins and more.

The New version is out and ready for you to download with just one click. With this new version of GBWhatsapp, I think you will consider dropping your official Whatsapp messenger app for it because the features in it will take Whatsapp a whole year to add.

Some Features Of GBWhatsapp V6.50

Below are some of the features that you are going to enjoy from GBWhatsapp v6.50

  • New Base Updated to 2.18.9 (PlayStore)
  • Disable popup windows (more apps and follow on facebook)
  • (Super Exclusive) AutoReply (Auto Message when you are Busy)
  • Enabled Search Participants
  • Enabled Group Settings (Server Sided)
  • Enabled Manage Group Admins
  • Added 7 New Conversation Bubbles
  • Added 4 New Ticks
  • Added 16 New Notifying Bar Icons
  • Added 5 New Launcher Icons
  • Added Option to Hide Admin Caption in Group (Mod 1.2.64)
  • Added Option to Color Admin caption in Group (Mod 1.2.65)
  • Added Hindi Language (Indian Language)
  • Fixed Hidden Chat opening from Phones
  • Fixed Hidden Chat opening from Dialer
  • Fixed Hidden Message showing in Widget
  • Fixed Hidden Chat Opening from Widget
  • Fixed Able to call Hidden Chat From Group
  • Fixed Showing Hidden Chat when try to Share from Gallery or File Manager.
  • Fixed App Opening from Widget even when Locked
  • Fixed Crash On Some Devices
  • Many More Fixes

How To download GBWhatsapp v6.50
All you have to do is to click the below link and grab yours

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Monday, 5 March 2018

Get Rid Of the Aftermarket Apple Parts


You go on with this endless cycle of repairing your phone, then breaking it again until you get exhausted, frustrated and demoralized. And, you cannot just figure out the problem, whether it is something wrong with the phone or with you or with the parts. Huh …that is daunting!

You cannot justify the reason, because you just bought new parts every time you messed around with your iPhone; well, that is right, and that is where the problem is. Out of zillions of companies on earth filling out the supply and demand gap that Apple creates by not making available the parts easily.

Buying from a popular website, such as Amazon and eBay do not sound like a good idea. Unfortunately, what you get out there are aftermarket products. Would not you ask what the difference between original parts and aftermarket parts is?

An original Apple part will come with the same assembly, flex cable along with the exact quality controls combined together becomes the original part. The aftermarket products such as iPad air parts are nothing but the byproducts of the scratched and damaged iPhone parts reassembled somewhere in the inglorious corner of a Chinese town.

Let’s look find out what are the problems with these aftermarket parts that brings frustration and exhaustion.

1. The people who bought the glasses have reported that the glass cracks when they tried to put the phone in the case

2.      The LCD will simply fuse if you happen to drop it on the carpet. It cannot withstand mild shock. Yes, of course, you got a cheap stuff

3.      The digitizers look disgusting with the fingerprints, with these products you have to keep on cleaning the product frequently, but in case of the original parts, the screen protector is quite remarkable.

4.      The digitizers are in most of the cases are thicker than the original parts, thus making it nearly impossible to fix. Even if you somehow managed to place it on the phone, you get an odd finish that looks out of the context.

5.      In comparison to original iPod touch parts, the aftermarket parts will start to display erratic behavior after a few months of usage. In fact, these products do not just work properly. After a few months you would realize that you just have wasted the money on a rubbish product.

6.      The color polarization is yet another problem that could frustrate you magnificently. It becomes difficult to operate on the glaring sunny day; you cannot even see what is there on the screen

The entire above mentioned are pains to you, then of course, the question arises, where should I buy the original part? Oops…you got the right question! Yes, you can find the original products after going searching the web, but the people who managed to get the original parts are not going to sell you a piece of product. You might have to buy more than 15 pieces, but what are you going to do with so many of them unless you open an online store.

Basically, what you’re getting in the market are only junks and innocent consumers are the victims of this ploy. Apparently, you can get original parts from the authorized Apple repair shop. However, you have to go through the turmoil of finding such shops that are transparent and maintain integrity.

So, how are you going to find one? It might not be simple or easy, but you can find the right repair shop that offers original parts only by conducting thorough research. And the web is the best place; join some iPhone community or forum.

The online forum serves as the best outlet for the tech-geeks, enthusiasts and the people in the dire need. People out there can guide you and in some cases, they might be able to give you the exact location and contact information.

After you get the information, do not just jump to the conclusion or mail in your phone. Carry out groundwork; talk to their customer support team or visit the shop if at all they got one because most of the online shopping outlets are operating on a virtual setup.

Hence, the need and verification of the authenticity make absolute sense. If possible find out the customer reviews, and that should be an ideal way to validate the service provider’s originality. Once you have verified everything, make sure that you probe about the cost.

Apparently, nobody is going to give you original iPhone 6 parts at a cheaper rate, if they do, then doubt it, question it, and investigate. There are chances of duping, hence, ensure that you act mindfully, not impulsively.

Finally, when you find a company that offers you authentic part at a competitive price, you must take a sigh of relief because you will never have to get frustrated again running here and there.
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Monday, 26 February 2018

6 Best Cameras for Aspiring Photographers

Do you want to capture the essence of the celebrities like Annie Leibovitz or establish your own travel photography workshops like Seth Resnick?  You will be needing a good camera for that.
The media is filled with the advertisements for cameras packed with the latest features and innovations. The zooms are getting bigger and cameras are getting smaller. How can a newcomer to the photography choose the camera that will appeal with the number of useful features and allow taking outstanding photos?

If quality is your goal and you want to make money with photography here are the best easily handled cameras for entry-level photographers.

1.    Canon T6i 
Canon T6i is one of the Canon’s Rebel Line. It has been plenty helpful to beginning photographers. In comparison to the T5i, the latest edition has a lot more to offer.  This is a 24-megapixel crop sensor camera. You will be able to shoot photos at the speed of 5 frames per second (FPS) and videos at 30 FPS for 1080p. The camera is equipped with the 3″ articulated touch screen which makes it a good choice for the starting photographers.  The camera’s accessibility factor will attract the beginners, as they can use the manual controls of an advanced DSLR. The learning curve is sometimes steep for the aspiring photographers. With the Canon T6i, you will be able to enjoy a number of automatic and semi-automatic options while still learning.

2.    Nikon D3300
The eternal rival of the Canon Company this camera is also a cheaper one. This 24 megapixels camera offers a burst rate of 5 FPS A 3″ LCD screen. Videographers will also be able to take the advantage of this camera as it records video of 1080p at 60 FPS. As released in 2014 the camera is sold with lenses, so you won’t have to buy any extra.

3.    Sony a58
For those who want something different from the Nikon and Canon cameras, this will be a good option. This is a DSLR with a 20.1-megapixel crop sensor. Sony a58 is good for shooting 1080p video at 30 FPS. An articulating screen isn’t available in this edition, so the camera is a better choice for photographers rather than videographers.

4.    Fuji X-T10
The camera attracts aspiring photographers with its mass of features available. Its tiny size allows you to take it to the wildest places and snap the best moments of the adventure. This is a 16.3-megapixel mirrorless camera with a burst rate of 8 FPS and can record video of 1080p. The camera is furnished with a tilting screen but it doesn’t fully articulate, thus making it a less fortunate choice for the videographers.

5.    Nikon D5500
Prosumers are the ones that will be happy with this choice as it offers more features than most of the lower-level cameras and it isn’t as expensive as the full frame cameras in the market.  The package is rather traditional: 24.2-megapixel camera, a burst rate of 5 FPS, shoots 1080p video. However, it will overjoy the first-time photographers with the 39-point autofocus system. A 3.2” revolving LCD touch screen makes it a good option for shooting videos.

6.    Canon Rebel SL1
Canon’s SL1 is smaller than those of the Rebel line. However, it doesn’t mean that it has fewer features. Being smaller in size it offers more megapixels, burst speed and articulating screen for video making. Even the neophyte will appreciate the accessibility of the features in this camera.
Whether you are choosing a camera that will be a push into your photographer’s career or you just want to capture the moments of your life, consider all the features that a camera can give. Assessing the maximum burst rate, the video resolution and the autofocus system will only give a glimpse into the photographer’s career. There is a lot more to learn before you can boast with professional photos. Having chosen a camera from the list above will be a step one and will give you the advantage over starting photographers all over the world.

Author Bio:- Helen Hepburn. CEO @

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

10X Value Awoof: How To Activate 9Mobile Heavy Weight Awoof

9mobile is on it again, putting smiles on their customer faces and enticing others to patronize them and enjoy the goodies that are attached to their services. 9Mobile have launched a promo called "heavyweight awoof" which is basically for new customers and existing customers that got a new Sim.

With this heavyweight awoof, you will get 10 times the value of your purchased airtime and data to call any network of your choice plus whooping free 1GB data to stay connected online. While existing customers will get 7 times value of their first daily recharge to call all network in Nigeria.

on announcing the awoof, 9Mobile says "Yes actually mean heavyweight Awoof! All the things you get as a new customer on 9Mobile network!
Get a 9Mobile Sim today and testify

When you purchase a new 9Mobile Sim, you will definitely enjoy the Heavy Weight Awoof which is receiving 10 times value of your daily recharge for voice calls to all network and data to surf the net for a month while for existing subscribers will enjoy 7 times value of your first daily charge for voice calls to all network daily that last for 30days. You can get this offer by dialing *819*1# and calls charges at 80kbob per second.

Advantages Of 9Mobile Heavy Weith Awoof
  • For existing customers, you will receive 7times value of your first daily recharge for 30 days.
  • For new customers, you will receive 10times value of your daily recharge plus 1GB data to surf the net with for 30days.
  • Airtime bonus can be used to make calls to all network.
  • You will enjoy 250% on all recharge.
  • You will enjoy free 1GB data.
  • First data cost you N500 for 1GB.

  • You will enjoy the awoof for once meaning after first subscription you will be charged as a regular customer.
  • Calls charge rate is massively high so your airtime and bonus will burn quick.

  • How To Subscribe
  • Get a new 9Mobile Sim or get Old Sim
  • Register it or make sure is registered 
  • Activate the Heavy Weight Awoof by dialing *819*1#
  • Now recharge your line airtime and start enjoying 10times value of it. This means N100 will give you N1000 and N200 will give you N2000. You can dial *939*10# to subscribe for 1GB data for N200.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Questions To Ask Before You Hire Joomla Expert

Do you want to use Joomla for your next web development project?  When it comes to choosing the web development platform, there are so many options. However, Joomla is the best open source software for designing e-commerce websites.  So, you might be thinking to hire the best Joomla web development service that gets you perfect e-commerce websites. While hiring the web service, most people do not ask some important questions. Be sure to ask important questions before hiring a web development firm. 
·         1. What you own when Joomla website is developed?
It is the most important questions to be asked before hiring a Joomla web service. Once the website is developed, domain name and hosting will be launched by some web design agencies. Also, they will set up email analytics, tracking list, etc. However, not all the web development service takes the responsibility of setting up the domain name and hosting. It is important to own everything like hosting service, email analytics, domain name along with your website.
·         2. How long does it take to develop a Joomla website?
It seems to be generic questions, though it is important to know the time frame of each project. The time taken to create a highly engaging project depends on the type of project. Once the website is developed, web service needs to focus on several things like copywriting, design approval, testing, correcting bugs, quality check and much more. If you want to run a high-end e-commerce website, then it will take 2 to 3 months.
·         3. Will your team produce perfect project?
A good web development service is the one which has an experienced web developer, creative web designers, project manager, quality analyst team, software tester and SEO expert. Joomla designer not just create the website but also focus on several things like managing the content, imparting great looking design, reliability, user experience and much more. 

Unlike Joomla designer, Joomla developer can create difficult, compelling and highly engaging code manually. Also, they will work on core modules, components, and its plugins. So, you will have to hire Joomla expert along with a perfect team to get a stunning website that suits your need.
·         4. What about the billing process?
It is no wonder that money is the important aspect of everyone’s life. Every web developers work for income. Hence, it is important that you ask about the billing details before hiring the web service. Some firms ask for advance payment before initiating the website project.  Also, you can find out if the website firm has cleared the bills for its previous project.
·         5. Is your site mobile friendly?
Mobile phones have been an important asset to everyone’s life. From web surfing to chatting, the practical usage of the mobile phone has considerably increased in recent years. Most of the top rated websites use social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc for sharing the content. Hence, be sure to own a website that is mobile friendly.
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