Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Questions To Ask Before You Hire Joomla Expert

Do you want to use Joomla for your next web development project?  When it comes to choosing the web development platform, there are so many options. However, Joomla is the best open source software for designing e-commerce websites.  So, you might be thinking to hire the best Joomla web development service that gets you perfect e-commerce websites. While hiring the web service, most people do not ask some important questions. Be sure to ask important questions before hiring a web development firm. 
·         1. What you own when Joomla website is developed?
It is the most important questions to be asked before hiring a Joomla web service. Once the website is developed, domain name and hosting will be launched by some web design agencies. Also, they will set up email analytics, tracking list, etc. However, not all the web development service takes the responsibility of setting up the domain name and hosting. It is important to own everything like hosting service, email analytics, domain name along with your website.
·         2. How long does it take to develop a Joomla website?
It seems to be generic questions, though it is important to know the time frame of each project. The time taken to create a highly engaging project depends on the type of project. Once the website is developed, web service needs to focus on several things like copywriting, design approval, testing, correcting bugs, quality check and much more. If you want to run a high-end e-commerce website, then it will take 2 to 3 months.
·         3. Will your team produce perfect project?
A good web development service is the one which has an experienced web developer, creative web designers, project manager, quality analyst team, software tester and SEO expert. Joomla designer not just create the website but also focus on several things like managing the content, imparting great looking design, reliability, user experience and much more. 

Unlike Joomla designer, Joomla developer can create difficult, compelling and highly engaging code manually. Also, they will work on core modules, components, and its plugins. So, you will have to hire Joomla expert along with a perfect team to get a stunning website that suits your need.
·         4. What about the billing process?
It is no wonder that money is the important aspect of everyone’s life. Every web developers work for income. Hence, it is important that you ask about the billing details before hiring the web service. Some firms ask for advance payment before initiating the website project.  Also, you can find out if the website firm has cleared the bills for its previous project.
·         5. Is your site mobile friendly?
Mobile phones have been an important asset to everyone’s life. From web surfing to chatting, the practical usage of the mobile phone has considerably increased in recent years. Most of the top rated websites use social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc for sharing the content. Hence, be sure to own a website that is mobile friendly.
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Friday, 2 February 2018

Amazing Facts on App Development

There is not one person in this world who does not own a personal mobile phone in this era of technology. As each day passes, the need for android phone increases byfolds. Almost every application can be operated on a mobile phone. These operations take place because of software called apps. Mobile apps are computer programs that are developed just to personify some application and make it work on a mobile screen to fulfill the needs of a customer. An app development company works on developing apps that are easily accessible and
Worldwide useful.

Information on Mobile apps:   

The mobile app being a computer application is a contradiction to a desktop application. With the help of web applications present in the mobile browsers, these applications run smoothly on a mobile screen. The full form of "app" is "software application." Some of these applications come pre-installed on a mobile set, and the rest have to be installed on platforms called app stores. These apps can be the important ones such as an alarm clock, calendar, maps, etc. whereas many apps are made for entertainment purpose. They are easy to install and eliminate from a mobile.

  1. Every app developed is made in such a manner that constraints and features of the mobile have been taken into account. Mobile devices are not only battery operated but also have superb features such as camera and location device. They design using the Mobile user interface. The mobile user interface contains the measurement for designing an app.
  2. The apps are available on distribution platforms called app stores. They are different for different mobiles. Google Play is the app store for android phone. It is an international store for apps developed by Google in October 2008. Apple’s app store opened in July 2008 for iOS mobile users. Microsoft app store was developed in 2012 for windows phone.
  3. Mobile application management is responsible for getting control of the business apps. These are used in big IT companies to manage staff. It tracks the location of an employee and gives information on his/her progress.
  4. Apps are used in various applications. Most apps are used to enhance the productivity of other features of a mobile phone. This enhances the usage of a mobile phone. These apps are first tested thoroughly before launching. They are tested in emulators; these provide an inexpensive way to test the apps.

All about mobile app development:

Mobile app development means designing new apps for the mobile devices. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during the manufacturing of mobile phones and devices. These depend on different screen sizes. Mobile app development has been growing at a very rapid pace. The mobile user interface is very important in the development of apps. New technologies are being introduced which have resulted in updating of apps. Mobile UI is user-friendly and understandable. It considers constraints and measurement as an outline for designs. The apps developed are to be completely safe and secure. The apps are made with such precision, and they go through so many tests that they become error-free.


Source: Pinterest

App development in Melbourne:

App Development Company in Melbourne is known for developing apps at a great speed. Today's world is thriving on the internet, and since the time it has been linked to the mobile phones, a huge change has been seen in the world. App developer's apps are said to be error-free and easily accessible. Due to this their conversion rate has increased as well as they have an excellent conversation with their customers. Their services do not need any additional efforts.

The topmost priority for the Melbourne app developers is the customer satisfaction and his/her trust in the company to develop the best possible apps. They break down all possible outcomes to provide the best possible result. They make apps that meet the requirements of the user. Their goal is to give their client complete satisfaction and to earn positive feedback.

In Melbourne, the app developers have a specific team of specialists who are experts in their departments. This team has the complete details of the client’s needs, and they provide the solution to their needs. This team is always up to date with the technology and advancement. They are the in-budget app developers.

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The apps developed by the Melbourne app developers is user-friendly. These apps are also compatible with different mobile devices such as Android, iOS etc. the work done is completed by highly trained app developers. Every member of the team specializes in what he does. The app quality is said to be the best, with superb functionality. Even after the sale of their app, they continue to have a good relationship with the client.  

The Melbourne App development has resulted in updated and new technology apps.

Author Bio:- Parisha Sharma
Born and raised in New Delhi, graduated from University of Delhi, Parisha Sharma is a brilliant professional with a flair of writing on areas like health, sports, technology and more. Parisha is best known for his creative blogs and articles on lifestyle, food and travel. With a very valuable experience in the industry, Parisha has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.
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Sunday, 28 January 2018

7 differences between LED channel Letters and Neon Channel Letters- which one should you choose?

If you are planning to set up a shop or an office, then you should invest in illuminated signage for its advertisement. The idea of using illuminated signage has become very popular because they can grab the attention of the people much more efficiently than a regular street sign. These signs are visible around the clock and can be used to display promotional messages as well. For example, if you want to give information about some special offers or scheme, you can easily do it using this innovative technology.

The two most popular choices of illuminated signage are LED channel Letters and Neon Channel Letters. We are making a brief comparison between both of these options so that it is easy for you to make the final decision.

What are LED channel Letters?

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LED channel letters are custom made letters which are created using LEDs. The LED bulbs are closely joined together. This is done to ensure that the emitting lights overlap and creates an overall bright light. This category of channel letter is covered in the polymer jacket. This protects them external damage. LED channel Letter are very cheap and provide give desirable results.

What are Neon Channel Letters?

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`Neon channel letters uses neon gas covered in a glass tube. This gives a dimensional look to the channel letters. The light emits inside the glass tube because of the neon gas and creates beautiful fluorescent colors due to the release of the energy. The glass tube also protects the lights from harsh weather conditions.

  1. Cost
Although the price of the channel letters depend on the shape and size but still, LED, channel letters are somewhat cheaper than Neon channel letters. However, if you want to buy them for a very small dimension, then the difference between the prices of both the option is negligible. Therefore, the price LED price is favorable only for the large signs.

  1. Power usage
LED channel letters use much less power than the Neon channel letters. In fact, LED signs to use 10-15 times less energy than the neon signs. Thus, your electricity bill would be reduced up to many times if using LED signage. However, again, if you want the signs for smaller dimensions, the power used by neon signs would become same as LED.  

  1. Maintenance
LED channel letters do not require maintenance at all as they have no gases or glass tubes. They are just small lights which are very bright. On the other hand, neon lights are inside a glass tube. This glass tube is full of neon gas. The neon gas turns out eventually, and even if the lights get fused inside the tube then you will have to buy new signage ultimately. Moreover, it is much easier to clean the LED lights than the neon lights.

  1. Safety
LED lights are not made from harmful materials and can be recycled easily. They do not require any special disposal method and are even shockproof; whereas neon lights are fitted inside a glass tube. This means that there is always the risk of breakage. These lights also contain dangerous gases and materials. Therefore, LED light is much safer than the neon signs.

  1. Brightness
Neon lights cannot be seen from a large distance and are not visible in the brightness of the day. They become almost invisible in the winters because of the fog. LED lights can be seen from a much larger distance, and they can be seen even during daylight as well. Thus, it can be inferred that LED lights are brighter than the neon lights.

  1. Effect on the environment
LED lights use much less power than the neon lights. They are 10-15 time more efficient, and they are not made of the dangerous material. It is difficult to recycle the neon channel letters, and they contain mercury as well. Therefore, LED channels are environment-friendly than any other type of channel letters.

  1. Appeal
The light emitted by neon lights is warm and glamorous. They are very popular in the crowded streets of cities like Las Vegas and Tokyo. On the other hand, LED lights are not attractive and graceful. They have very simple and old-school appearance. LED lights are a good option if you want to give official messages, but if you want to add some glamour to the signage, then you should use neon channel letters.

This was a short comparison between neon channel letters and LED channel letters. You can make your decision based on your preferences. If you are running an alluring business such as a casino or a fast food shop, then you can go for neon lights, and if you are running a simple business such as a stationary shop then you can try LED lights. However, before making a final decision, you should keep other factors such as power usage, price, etc in mind.

Author Bio:- Parisha Sharma
Born and raised in New Delhi, graduated from University of Delhi, Parisha Sharma is a brilliant professional with a flair of writing on areas like health, sports, technology and more. Parisha is best known for his creative blogs and articles on lifestyle, food and travel. With a very valuable experience in the industry, Parisha has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Will Be Getting A New Firmware Updates


Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has started receiving firmware updates. It was confirmed that the update is coming as firmware version A520FXXU4BRA8 and weighing in at 22MB, it's a security update that brings the January security patch.

The updates are currently hitting units in Europe (the Netherlands to be specific) but will soon hit other regions in which Africa is included.
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Whatsapp Business App Gets a New Labels and Quick Replies Updates

Whatsapp has made a very useful update to it business app, WhatsApp Business has started receiving a new useful update that will make a very useful improvement. A couple of new features are included in the update: quick replies and labels.

Now you can use quick replies to create keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages. Labels, on the other hand, let you organize and quickly find your customers and messages. In addition, you can now also greet customers with a greeting message.
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Monday, 25 December 2017

5G Network To Be Available In The USA

The United States is working on the 5G Network to see its available to the mass. The 5G network will be a turn off of the 4G network all of us are happy about.

Though no further update was made, we believe the 5G network will soon be unleashed to the people and usually take time to get to us here I west Africa but before then let's enjoy our superfast 4G network we already have.
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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Gionee S10 Full Specifications, Features and Price

The new Gionee S10 has a 6.43 inches screen display size and a resolution of resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels density and a strong octa-core processor supported Helio P25 cheapest.

The Gionee S10 comes with 6GB of RAM and packs 64GB internal storage that cannot be expanded. Talking about the camera, the Gionee S10 packs a 16-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 20-megapixel front shooter for selfies.

The Gionee S10 is a single SIM phone which runs on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box and powered by 3450mAh non-removable battery. Connectivity options include. Sensors on the phone include a Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, and Ambient light sensor.

Gionee S10 Specifications

Release date May 2017
Form factor Touchscreen
Battery capacity (mAh) 3450
Removable battery No

Screen size (inches) 5.50
Touchscreen Yes
Resolution 1080x1920 pixels

Processor octa-core
Processor make Helio P25
Internal storage 64GB
Expandable storage No

Rear camera 16-megapixel
Rear Flash LED
Front camera 20-megapixel

Operating System Android
Skin Amigo 4.0

Wi-Fi No
Bluetooth No
Infrared No
Number of SIMs 1

3G No
4G/ LTE No
Supports 4G in India (Band 40) No

Compass/ Magnetometer No
Proximity sensor Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Ambient light sensor Yes
Gyroscope No
Barometer No
Temperature sensor No

Coming soon

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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Blogging vs. Micro-Blogging: Which One to Choose?

Who could have thought during the 20th century that nowadays we would have such a huge information base on the World Wide Web? Just several years ago, reaching the public through Internet wasn’t as effective as now. But things changed and since then, more and more people became involved in social media on a daily basis.

Blogging is the fastest way to reach the targeted audience almost instantly. Traditionally, the term “blogging” was referred to using such blogging platforms as WordPress or Blogger. In the recent years, however, the choice became even wider. Even on YouTube or Instagram, there is a plenty of video and photo bloggers with their personal accounts where they can interact with the reader even more actively.

So, if you want to become a blogger and create your own domain, first of all, you need to select one of the best web hosting companies. There are also specialized blogging websites or countless social media platforms. While the first ones envisage a blogging format, the latter is rather good for microblogging. Both can equally target and reach the audience effectively, there are just some slight differences to know about.
Blogging is a great power; it allows posting articles on multiple topics, not only for skillful writers or journalists but also for businesses as a part of their social media marketing strategy. It wouldn’t be a mistake if we draw parallels between blogging and online diaries. Several text paragraphs written in a sincere manner can help organizations and companies gain trust of thousands of potential customers. Besides, blogs make a perfect online resource for us to find answers to many topical issues.
Compared to a typical blogging, microblogging gives both the author and his audience a great mobility. The purpose of one if to share a short message to the global audience, whether it’s a video, picture, sound, small text or even a hyperlink. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram (if not exceeding about 140-150 characters) and many other media platforms did everything to make the communication process between bloggers and their users real-time and easy. Thus, microblogs became sort of a big trend lately. Here is more information about microblogging.
Which of the Two Should You Choose?
So, you’ve learned the main differences between blogging and microblogging, but there are still moments you need to clarify, like which of those two can fit your own preferences, goals, opportunities and even a lifestyle.
Choose blogging if …
  • You have good writing skills and your own unique writing style;
  • You are not afraid to express your opinion on different topics;
  • Your targeted audience is ready to read your long posts;
  • You have a desire and time to publish such a bulky content regularly.
Choose microblogging if …
  • You want to spend the least time on posting content;
  • You are ready to regularly share real-time data from your life;
  • You have a desire to interact actively with your followers (retweeting, commenting, liking, responding to private messages etc.);
  • You are ready for an instant feedback;
  • You carry an electronic device (smartphone, tablet) with enough data to stay in touch almost 24/7.
We wouldn’t lie if we say that both blogging and microblogging contribute to your business promotion and development. It’s just every person prefers its own way of getting information: some are still fans of traditional blog posts, while the others scroll down their social media feed and choose the content they are interested in the most. That’s why it’s important to know the main preferences of your potential audience to make their reading experience as convenient as they want.

About The Author.

This Guest post was whritten buy Helen Hepburn the CEO @

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