Friday, 7 April 2017

Twitter Launches Twitter Lite, a Data Friendly Version Of Twitter Website

Thi is a nice development from Twitter!! Twitter has just launched Twitter Lite which is specially made for faster data-saving.

Twitter Lite is a more data friendly version of twitter website which is specially designed for mobile wed, Twitter Lite is addressed to work in places where internet remain issue to it user and it is based on Google progressive web app

On Thursday twitter became the largest technology company to unveiled a slimmed down version of its services aimed emerging market users with slower internet connections like India. Twitter Lite can be launched with a mobile browser, provides key features of the social media app known for its 140 characters “tweets”, including a timeline, direct messages, trends, profiles and media uploads.

It has 30% faster launch time and takes up to less than 1MB on the mobile device. It also boasts a data saver mode which can reduce data usage by as much as 70%. If you have the latest version of Chrome browser on your smartphone, you can bookmark Twitter Lite which in turn can offer you offline notifications when your mobile network connection is slow.

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