Wednesday, 12 April 2017

New Blazing Settings For Etisalat Ent.nxtfwd Free Browsing On Queencee and Psiphone Vpn

It was brought to my knowledge that the Etisalat ent.nxtfwd 60mb cheat was blocked which served as an alternative to those that do not have a strong Glo 3G network in there area. 

But the fact is that the cheat is still rocking well with a new settings. After some trials and error I finally got a new trick on how to make it work well just like before but you may not be able to use up to the said 60MB per day, meaning when you use up to like 55 to 57MB, your browsing might stop but that do not mean that you will not be able to use your 60mb per day.

I will make the tutorial short because I know many of you guys have been waiting for this. 

In this tweaking we are going to make use of Queencee v6 Utral Lite but you can use Psiphone VPN for so its your choice to make.

Etisalat  Ent.nxtfwd free browsing new settings

>>First go to your apn and set it as follows.
>>Apn name: Etisalat Etf
>>Apn: etisalat 

Now download Queence VPN here or Psiphone VPN here 

>>Install and launch it then set it as follows.
>>Tick Remove port
>>Proxy type: Real host
>>Proxy server:
>>Real proxy type: HTTP
>>Real proxy server: blank
>>Real proxy port: 8080
>>Now tap on Save.
>>Goto Options => More  and Untick Connect through HTTP proxy.
>>Go back and select Best Performance or Netherlands or United States as your region and tap on Start/connect
>>Allow it to connect.

It may take up to 5 minutes to connect just give it time.

after it get connected, start surfing the net as you like. Meanwhile your can also browse unlimited by uniting the 30 free server added to the new version of tweakware (v6.0), click here and see how to get it done.

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  1. Please this new update tweakware it is unlimited or not

    1. This is not the tweak for tweakware but for Queencee and Psiphine vpn and the tweak is not unlimited it's capped 60mb per day.

      Meanwhile as a tweaKware premium user, it's unlimited but if you are not, you can use upto 10500MB per day by changing you sever each time you use up it capped MB.

      click here to see the tweakware v6.0 post

  2. But OK how can I have a premium account

    1. check out how to buy premum account here . I will soon make a post on to easily get a tweakware premium account .


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