Monday, 10 April 2017

How To Edit/Costomize Your Blogger Template With Andriod Phone

Are you a blogger that do not have PC to edit your blogger template? This tutorial is probably for you, I have received several questions from some bloggers on how to edit blogger template with a smartphone, some even concluded that it's not possible to do it because smartphone web browsers do not have the features of PC web browsers. I have done my research and have found a better way of editing blogger template without any stress, I have tried using it to edit my template and it works perfectly well, if you noticed lately, you will see some changes I made on this blog and today am going to show you how to do that.

Most new bloggers that started up with less or nothing "No PC" find it difficult to edit their blogger template anytime there is need for it, making them spend extra cash in other to hire someone who can do that for them and in most cases the person might not give them the exact result in which the want.

Today am going to share with you a way in which you can edit your blogger template with just your android smartphone, it's just like doing it on PC but this time on a smaller screen.

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How to edit blogger template with smartphone

In this tutorial we are going to make use of an app called X-plore, this X-plore app works like Bluetooth FTP " those that used Symbian and Java phone will know what am talking aboutFe" but it comes with more features than what we just see, you can download it from play store or from here. To edit your blogger template, follow the steps below.

First Step: First of all login to your blogger dashboard using chrome or any other browser but I prefer chrome because it works well for me.

Second Step: Go to Theme and tap on Backup/Restore.

Third Step: Tap on download, that is backing up you blogger template.

Fourth Step: Now note the folder where your blogger template you backed up was save.

Fifth Step: Now after downloading X-plore from play store or from here.

Sixth Step: Now install it on your smartphone and launch it.

Seventh Step: Go to where the blogger template you downloaded was stored, for me, it was stored in Apk files>> Wizprof blogger template.

Eighth Step: Tap on it and it will open your template HTML codes.

Ninth Step: Now tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the app and tap Edit text.

Tenth Step: There you can now start editing your blogger template.

Eleventh Step: You can search for any code by tapping on the search icon at the top, then type in the code you are looking for eg <head> and hit on the search button on your keyboard.

Twelfth Step:
Then you can now do whatever you want to do with the code.

Thirteenth Step: After you must have finished editing your blogger template.

Fourteenth Step: Tap on the 3 dots at the right top and tap on save, Bravo you are done editing your blogger template.

How can I upload my blogger template that I edited

  1. Login back to your blogger template.
  2. Go to Theme and tap in Backup and restore.
  3. Tap on upload, then choose the blogger template you edited and tap save.
  4. Wait for it to upload then you are done.
  5. You can now search your URL to view the work you have done on your blog.

As you can see, it's simple to edit your blogger template with your phone, if you have any question, ask using the comment section. I will fully attend to your questions.

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  1. Wow! So helpful. I had been face with this problem because my PC has a screen fault. I decided to be using my tecno s9 tab. I got frustrated along the line cos I discovered ma phone could not edit codes.

    1. Sorry bro. With the above steps you can edit and customize your blogger template any time you like.


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