Sunday, 9 April 2017

How To Control Your Smart TV With Your Andriod Phone And Tablet

Controlling your smart TV with your android device is really a cool thing to do, surprisingly it's not a difficult task to do as it may sound.

There are many ways in which you can perform this task, some are complicating while some are easy to do. I have done researches and has tested several of the methods on how to control your smart TV with android phone or tablet and have finally gotten a simpler method which will be done with just an app.

Using infrared blaster to control your smart TV may be sometimes boring because whenever you want to change a channel or do some task with the TV, you have to point it on the TV for it to work whereas Wi-Fi connected devices don't have that archaic limitation. Today am going to be listing two wifi remote control app that you can use to remote control you Smart TV simultaneously.

How to control your smart TV with your smartphone and tablet


If you wish to start controlling your smart TV with your smartphone, this is your first choice of app to go for. AnyMote works as both IR and Wifi remote control which makes it a nice choice to go for, it can control a whole lot more that just your TV.

The app is free to download on Play store but to unlock all the features you need to pay a token which is $6.99 USD in which if convert to naira is 2220 naira.

AnyMote will give you IR control over anything normally via the Infrared and access to any other devices connected to the network like Nest cams, Wifi speakers, Smart TVs and so on.

To get it done, juts go to play store then download and install the app on your smartphone, launch it and follow the screen guide e on how to use the application.

Peel is also a good option if you want to combine remote contro with a TV guide on one one package, you can equally get the app on Google plays store. The only boring side is that you have to face some ads pop up but can get rid of it by paying $0.99 USD each month in which when convert to naira will give you 315 naira.

You can also get a full function app that can control lots of difference devices but make sure that the app works well for you before paying any money.

If you have any fevorite TV remote control App, let us now by dropping your comments.

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  1. nice just that i doint have rhe type of smartphone now

    1. You will soon get. Just gather the little money you have now and add up more to it.

      Check out the specifications of this Android 6.0 marshmallow that cost 14800 naira here


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