Saturday, 8 April 2017

How To Backup And Restore Your Data Without Rooting Your Andriod Phone

Often time when you get a new smartphone you just wondered how possible it is to move the data you have from your old smartphone to the new one, well its impossible to do that if you are not aware of the right steps to follow.

Losing all the data you have in your smartphone all because you are fed up with your old smartphone and has purchased a new one can be very annoying most times because it took you time to get those data that build up in the smartphone which consists of particular configurations, chat profile, login information and so on. When you purchase a smartphone and start using it, all your data are stored in the separate directory so that other apps can not have access to your private information and this make backup more difficult.

Without rooting your phone, its hard to access the private directories of the old smartphone but today am going to show you how to do it without even having to root your smartphone.

How you can backup your data without root access

If you want to move your app data from your old smartphone to your new one, you can do it with an application specially made for it called Helium, first you have to get it installed on your PC and then on your smartphone. The app is available for Windows, Mac, OS X and Linux also make sure you have all the important drivers installed on your PC.

  • Now download and install Helium Desktop here and the important drivers necessary here.
  • Download and Install Helium app for your android phone here.
  • Run the Helium Desktop but do not plug your phone into the PC yet
  • Make sure you go to your phone settings and enable USB debugging which is in the developer option, you can learn how to do it here
  • Make sure your smartphone is been detected on your PC
  • Start the Helium app on your smartphone and then connect it to your PC
  • Once your phone has been detected, unplug it from your PC

  • You can now go to the app on your phone and select which app you would like to backup its data but if you want to backup all of them, choose to Select all and tap on save
  • Now you have to decide where you want to backup your data. You can choose either Internal memory, SD card or cloud.

  • Now, wait for some munites for the backup to complete.
  • After completion, you will get a notification that the backup was successful.

That's the step you can use to backup your data. Though rooting your smartphone gives you more easy access to some tricks doesn't mean you can't do it without rooting your phone.

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