Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How I Earn Free Airtime On My Three Sims With GeoPoll Using One Andriod Phone

Earlier I made a post on GeoPoll, in the post I gave a brief intro about GeoPoll, their plans and how the operates. The most interesting part is how to earn free airtime using their app. To check out the post click here.

In this post am going to show you how I have been earning free airtime on three of my Sim cards with just a single android phone. To do this is very simple all you have to do is just to follow me as I take you through on how I perform the magic.

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List Of GeoPoll Survey Task

GeoPoll deals with the completion of a survey task. Some simple questions will be put to you which has an amount of airtime you will get after the survey questions.

Media survey: Is very easy and simple to complete the questions, when successful, you get instant Free 50naira. It is very sure that you will get it.

Normal survey: This one attracts Free 15naira and is very easy and simple to complete the survey.

Supermarket survey: This one is very tack tick, you will be asked to go to a nearby supermarket to take a photo of an oil bottle, water bottle, and some things. It is easy and simple to complete this, just go near a kiosk around your area and take a photo of their stuff and you will get 600naira worth of airtime. Can you see that the surveys are wonderful? Imagine getting the supermarket survey for at least 5 times, that would be 3,000naira free airtime which you can use in subscribing for data plans, make calls and also send SMS.

How I earn free airtime on three (3) of my lines in a day

In this, you do not need to have 3 android phones before you can earn this very free airtime. Am a guy that love utilizing any opportunity that comes my way and in that finding a way to see that I make more out of nothing. check out the screenshot below.

I have discovered a way in which you can earn free airtime in three of your Sim simultaneously, just follow me as I take you through.

First Step: First you have to download GeoPoll app from play store then install it on your phone (If you already have, proceed with the next step).

Second Step: Now download and install Parallel space from plays store. Launched it and add GeoPoll app to it, there you can create a new account using a different phone number.

Third Step: Again download App Cloner from play store and add GeoPoll app on it and there you can create a new account with a deferent number.

Fourth Step: You can also download 2Face and 2Accounts from play store, add GeoPoll to them and create new accounts using deferent numbers if you have.

Fifth Step: Now start completing your Survey task on each of them and make more Airtime in a day. Click here to see how you can start and complete your survey task.

It's very simple as you can see. Do not just read and go, drop your comments and also share this post by hitting the share buttons.

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  1. Men! Your head dey boot Wella.
    Sometimes I wonder how guys like u think. Cos it seems extra ordinary. Good one bro, I am doubling my pay straight forward.

    1. Thanks for the compliment.

      Keep topping your free airtime simultaneously.

  2. The new registration will be with new email too right?

    1. No you don't email. Just add your phone number and choose a password thats all.


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