Saturday, 8 April 2017

Best Commentator Of The Month Has Started Again On!

Hello readers and followers of Wizprof blog, am grateful for all your supports and promotions of this blog from the day this blog was launched. I will admit that you guys are wonderful, without you I do not now where this blog will be by now, because of that I have decided to bring back best commentator competition we use to have here which is rewarding those that top all the comment for the month. Meanwhile, some followers of this blog have already won the price before and the are Omotayo Damilola Joseph And Samas Abubakar.

I Do this to appreciate your visits and supports, if you wish to join the winners all you need to do is to drop your comment on any update made on this blog and you must do that with your Gmail account so that I will know when you comment rank others, you can also check out the rules here.

Before I use to reward only one person per month but now am rewarding two persons and also the price will not be the same as its use to be, I have increased it so that the winners can have a nicer reward at the end of the month.

Thanks for your visits and support to this website, I remain Wizprof and always will give you the best free browsing cheats solutions, tricks and cheats tutorial and much more.

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  1. its really back?? appreciate the last one you gave me

    1. You are welcome... You still stand a chance of getting it again.

  2. Replies
    1. You will. just top others comments by commenting on any update made.


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