Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Of A Reddit User Catches Fire

We have gotten series of updates and news on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire both on plane and in peoples pockets but none was reported of Galaxy S6 Edge ,  but an update getting to use has confirmed that there has been an aucurance where Galaxy S6 Edge caught fire.

A reddit user's Galaxy S6 edge burned down on his nightstand. Fortunately, the user did not suffer any injuries or any further damage apart from the phone itself and the nightstand it was kept on.


According to the reddit user ReturnThroughAether, the phone caught fire while it was sitting idle on the nightstand. Before this, the device exhibited no problems with heating or with the battery. The user confirmed in one of the comments that he only used the original charger supplied with the phone. He has since talked to Samsung and his carrier (which seems to be AT&T from the logo on the back of the phone).

From the images it seems it was the battery that combusted, with a clear marking around the front and back of the phone exactly where the battery sits. The display seems completely damaged as does the back of the phone, which also popped open from the side near to the battery.

Although it might seem similar, this is not the same as the issue on the Note7, which was widespread. The S6 edge , on the other hand, has been out for a year now and there haven't been any notable cases of the battery burning down. Still, it certainly doesn't help Samsung's case right now, who has had an uncharacteristically bad year dousing fires around the world, with phones and even washing machines catching fires.

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