Sunday, 18 December 2016

New Easy Way To Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link With Whatsapp Beta Version

Whatsapp has turned from not only a chat platform but also a platform where you advertise your goods, product's and business, it has helped many small business owners to grow their businesses via sharing and advertising their product via one and one Whatsapp chats and Whatsapp groups. Many a time one or two Whatsapp groups are been own by a person or group of persons and he or she (They) uses it for one or two purposes. For you to do away with the stress of saving persons of interest that want to join the group number that wants to join you Whatsapp group before adding the person in that process saving unnecessary contacts on your phone, I have come up with a solution for it.

Now you do not need to uninstall your Whatsapp messenger app, in that case,losingg all your chat history which is so annoying in other to install GB Whatsapp or Wa Prime so that you can be able to create a group invitation link, with just WhatsApp beta version you can do that with the tutorial am going to drop here today.

Advantages And Disadvantages:

  1. It makes it easier for people to join your Whatsapp group.
  2. It saves you the stress of adding people to your group manually.
  3. It helps you have good numbers of people in your Whatsapp group.
  4. It helps people to join your group even when you are not there.
  5. You no more need admins to help you add people into your group.

  1. When you remove someone from your group, the person can easily add him/herself back with your permeation.
  2. You no more have 100% control of who join your group.

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link With Whatsapp Beta Version

  • Now Download the latest version of Whatsapp from apk Mirror here
  • Install and launch
  • Now choose the  Whatsapp you wish to get the invitation link
  1. Tap at the top (header) of the whats group

  • Now tap on the small add icon at the right top

  • Tap on Invite invite group via link

  • Then send it to them, immediately the click on it the will automatically be added to your group.

Note: You must be an admin of a group before you can be able to see the group invitation link or use the above features

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