Sunday, 11 December 2016

How To Report And Solve Fake Proof Of Payment On MMM Nigeria, Ghana And India (Steps)

MMM Nigeria has been trading in the country and has been a savior to those that could not find a well-paying job and as the country is facing recession and turf period, many would have been in a deep mess and many would have done some act that the would have not done in other to survive.

As you make you cool cash in MMM with a free and innocent mind, minding only on the 30% MMM community gives you at the end of the month, someone at the other end has something else in mind, someone else has a bad intention of scamming people out of their hard earn money.Someone one's complained to me of a participant that uploaded a fake proof in other to scam and get his/her own bosom satisfied but I later give a solution that worked perfectly which am also going to share with you today.

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Now in case you requested for help (GH) and the other participant uploaded a fake Proof bellow are what you have to do.

   1.Click Funds Are NOT Received.

   2.Go to the bank you made the payment and get a Statment of the payment made and the payment         period under review.

   3.Open Order chat box that is above the details button of the Order

   4.Complaint and explain the situation with an accurate information and attach your official bank             statement from the order creation till the current date to confirm that you did not receive any               payment.

   5.After doing all of that Click on Send.

Now your problem will be attended to by the CRO they only accept official documents to confirm or cancel and order, that's why you provide a proof that is Stamped bank statement in the Order Chat Box during you complain.

Wait for the CRO team to act on your complaint

Make sure you also Write to Support, using the same steps to make your complaint. After writing to them have little patience for them to act.

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