Saturday, 15 April 2017

Drop Your Phones And PCs Problems Here For Easy, Perfect And Fast Solution

Hello, guys, it's the weekend again, the period of goodies from wizprof, Last weekend few of those seriously following this blog was blessed with free airtime from me which I promise to be doing all the time. The most interesting part is that everybody is eligible to get the free airtime so for you not to miss out on any update and goodies from this blog all you have to do is to bookmark this blog, Follow us on twitter and facebook, join our facebook group, follow us on Google plus, and LinkedIn, Subscribe to wizprof Newsletter then make sure you visit this blog each day so that you will not say  "I Should Have Been Here Earlier😦" as you wait for my the andriod app.

For those of us that are very new here that do not know the CEO of this blog, I will like to give a brief intro about myself.

Name: Wisdom Agbai (WizProf)
Profession: Engineer (Computer Engineer) and a Profesional blogger

That's all I can give you for now so if you wish to know anything more about me, all you have to do is ask and I will gladly give you the answer so feel free.

Back to the topic, this weekend I am so free so I want to utilize this chance I have to help everyone with any issue with His/Her Phone Or Laptop so all you need to do is just drop any problem your phone, laptop or desktop has so that the solution can be giving to you.

Note: Drop your problems by commenting via the comment box and I will answer you through the same medium, also keep refreshing your page because the comment has to be first moderated before you can see it.

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  1. Pls, My laptop does not boot again, always hanging at a point in booting process

  2. Pls, my laptop hangs at booting process, goes blank, then restarts itself. Also, my optical disk compartment does not want to open again. Pls help me😞

    1. Its software problem, what you have to do is
      1. Bring out your hard disk then clean the face smoothly with a brush.
      2. Bring out you ram then clean the face, i mean the metal that contacts with the system bored with a clean piece of clot
      3. Get an original windows 8 or 10 according to your ram capacity and format your system with it.
      The problem should be solve with just that. For your disk you can change it your self, juts go to laptop/Desktop accessory shop and purchase a compatible one (Sata or IDE) that will fit, Then loose the little nut that holds it from the bottom then bring it out and replace it with the new one you have.

      If there is more question endeavour to ask.


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