Monday, 19 December 2016

Check Out When MMM Nigeria Will Be Coming Back - By Top Guider

Many panics has been caused because of the sudden frozen in MMM GH (Provide Help) but an info getting to use now from one of the MMM Nigeria Guider says that MMM Nigeria will be coming back by the 14th of January. See what he said below

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Good news to all mmm participant.important information from Sergey matroid mmm is coming back stronger and better on January 14 2017.But new rule has been implemented for those who like to GH(withdraw) on 14 January you must provide help(PH)of 30% on your initial capital that you provided before i.e if you have provided help of 100000  before the freezing of account on 14 December and you want to withdraw (GH) on 14 January you must provide 30% help(PH) of that 100000 which is 30000.the 30000 must be paid and confirm before you will be giving access to withdraw(GH),this measure is provided in other to balance the number of people GH and PH so that the system i.e the mmm community will be sustain and last long for me and the better time to PH is now when mmm is giving out 20% bonus so that u can be able to GH on 14 January 2017.this message is from Sergey mavrodi and mmm admin. let us join hand together and salve this community called mmm,mmm belong to all of us, mmm belong to me and you let us share this news to all mmm participant in nigeria in diong this you can contribute in saving this great family mmm that have benefited many nigerians. Ignore the median the government they only want this system to crash so that we can suffer. Keep providing help so that you can unfreeze your own mavro when you have PH 30% of your money inside the system.pls share to your friends.long live mmm long live Sergey mavrodi together we can change the world.

GUIDER Adubi .Mr Chris.  Copied#

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