Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What You Should Do Before The Data Increase Tomorrow Plus How To Survive It

if you noticed, telecom has been sending warning messages to their subscribers for them to be warned of what is going to take place tomorrow been 1s of Dec.

It is not any of our fault that the data plan are going to be massively  increased, you might be getting  2.5GB for 6,000 in which am sure many of us can not afford to subscribe. To save our self's from that, I have come up with this ideas that can help us so we can keep on enjoying the Internet and also keep on rocking

First I will advice you to subscribe today before it gets to late.

For MTN users, dial *131# and choose your preferred data plan.

For Airtel users, dial *141# and choose your preferred data plan.

For Glo users, dial *777# and choose your preferred data plan as well.

Subscribe today as we wait to see what  our network providers will come up with.

How To Survive On This Data Plan Increase

I have come up with some ideas that can help us survive this awful  increases in data plans, just apply the ideas below so you can manage the little you will get starting from tomorrow.

1. Minimize the use of social media.

2. Minimize the rate you download videos, music's, some documents and other things online.

3. Minimize or stop streaming online videos such as YouTube and Facebook videos.

4. Always turn off your data when you are not making use of it.

5. If you are using a double Sim smartphone (which I know almost all of us are) do subscribe to whatsapp and Facebook or opera mini plan on one sim and normal plan on the other sim so you can easily switch from one sim to another when you are not making use of one.

6. Turn off auto updates so your data will not waste unnecessarily.

7. download and be making use of UC Web browser or Opera mini for lesser data consumption.

8. Turn off Post notifications, Social media notification and other unnecessary notifications for a lesser data consumption.

9. Disable background data roaming on your phones.

10. Limit the rate you follow celebrities on social media.

Do not forget to subscribe and wait patiently.

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