Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Google Has Completly Redesigned Blogger Dashboard; See How To Navigate On It

Last time Google redesigned Adsense dashboard though there were not enough features added but the new style is awesome. Today google has taken to their foot to redesign blogger dashboard by changing the positions of some tools and by adding new features while the removed some that we are used to.

As a human bean, we are bound to change at any time, in that process bringing a new thing into our lives and getting rid if the old ones and that has juts occur on blogger. So today am going to give you tips on how to navigate through the new blogger dashboard.

Though a one that is used to the blogger dashboard will not find it difficult to navigate through the new look of blogger dashboard but still an explanation is needed for a faster adoption to the new thing we have.


If you run more than one blog on a single blogger account this one is for you. Like before when you log in to blogger, you will be given the option to make a choice of the blog to work with, but now it has been changed. When you log on to, you will be taking to your favorite blog or the one you worked on last before closing it. Now if you wish to switch to another blog all you have to do is just to tap on your blog header as shown in the screenshot below

Then choose the blog you wish to work on.


The Overview button has been removed from the dashboard so now you can no more see your performance for the day easily when you log in to your dashboard. But the alternative to see your daily performances is there. Simply navigate to Stats and there you can see your performance for the day, months and all times.

The Posts button has been moved up to replace the position of the Overview. And inside the post moved to a different position, an emoji😀 has been added for you to beautify your post so your readers can have some fun while reading your post.

While posting am a fan of dragging pictures from my desktop into my post, but now I can no more do that because it's among the features that were removed by google, so now all you need to do if you also like dragging and dropping pictures into your post is just to tap>> on the picture icon at the top of your blogger post board then select>> the pictures your want to use by tapping>> on them, then tap on upload>> and you are good to go.

Aside from that every other thing still remains as it is, your Drafts and Publish Posts are still there.

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As I said before, your starts now contain your performance so far, there you can now view how far you have gone as a blogger.
In your stats, you can view your Overview, Posts, Traffic Sources and Audience.

Nothing has been changed there just that you can no more easily view any comments that are awaiting moderation by just logging into your dashboard.
Now all you have to is that any time you log in to your dashboard and want to view if you have an awaiting comments, just navigated to Comments>> the tap>> on Awaiting moderation and you will see any comment awaiting to be moderated by you.

Many love spamming a blog so now you can easily know any comment that contains spamming messages on it and can now distinguish whether to moderate it or not to, so the choice is now yours to make.

Your earnings still remain as it is there are no changes to it.

This is a new feature that was added by google for you to grow your audience so you can navigate and start yours by tapping on Start>> then you will ask to add your email address (or it will be automatically added) and website URL.

Your pages still remain as it is no changes made

Layout still remains the same there was no change made on it.

It has now been made easier for to navigate through your setting so you can log in and check it out.

A place for to gets a brief knowledge of navigating through blogger dashboard.

Now you can easily ask for help by just tapping on the help button and from there ask anything you wish to ask, that can save you the stress of opening a new tab in your browser to search your question on google.

Google has tried a lot by redesigning and adding new features on the blogger dashboards but the have removed some feature we loved on it but changes abound to occur all the time.

So what can you say about this new changes by google? Do comment and share.

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