Monday, 24 October 2016

Never Miss This Five (5) New Andriod Apps

has gone far more we could think of, the best feeling of using an android phone is when you have all the best app that can make you never want to leave your phone for a second. Many apps have surfaced the play store lately even the ones you can not afford to miss.

Keeping track of the best new Android apps available to download is a full-time job, which is why we do it for you. Here you'll only find the ones worth spending your valuable time (and maybe even money) on. All you need to do is download them.

Google Allo
Allo was released last month, Google's Allo messenger (also available for iPhone) is entering an exceptionally busy space, already dominated by the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and numerous other large players. Google's new messenger, however, brings a whole lot more to the table, most notably by integrating elements of the Assistant it showed off at Google IO.

Assistant is integrated into your chats with other people (you can fire it a request at any time by using @google in your chat or you can have a one-on-one with it, if you prefer. It's not just useful because it taps into Google's Knowledge Graph, though, you can also carry out actions (like booking a table at a restaurant) directly via the app.

Privacy fans will also like the fact that you can have Incognito chats, as well as set a time limit on how long conversations stick around. It also supports end-to-end encryption. Add in that Allo 's messenger aspect lets you quickly add things like stickers, emoji, GIFs and all the other fun stuff and it's worth a look this month for sure.
Download here

The anchor isn't an entirely new app, but it hasn't been available on Android devices before, having launched earlier this year for the iPhone. In a nutshell, you can think of it a bit like a mini podcast or an audio version of Twitter, perhaps, as each broadcast is limited to two minutes or less. As a result, it's not a format that will appeal to everyone.

For those that do like the sound of it, no pun intended, getting up and running takes less than a minute and the interface is pretty self-explanatory. Each recording is called a 'wave' and each wave is part of a conversation. After you've recorded one, other people get the chance to record their own in response and interact.
As you'd expect for any social-based audio platform, there's a friend system in place too, so you can keep track of waves from people that you enjoy. You can also see some basic stats on how many people are listening and interacting with your waves too. And best of all, it's free.
Download here

There are a lot of bookmarking apps for Android, but a lot of them just aren't that smart. Stash is, though. Instead of requiring you to manually tag and add keywords for bookmarks and arrange them by category, Stash will automatically recognize lots of different types of bookmarks and add tags for you.

As well has to have a [so new it's still unreleased] Android app, there's a Stash Chrome extension too, which lets you manage everything from your browser, and push notifications and bookmarks between devices. You can even add reminders to bookmarks, to ensure you don't forget to come back later and check them out.

Stash isn't quite open to everyone yet, but if you register interest and share the special link you get to the homepage with 10 friends (i.e. 10 different people need to click the link and look at that page), you can skip the queue. We could never condone just using a VPN, changing locations 10 times and clicking the link in a private browser though, obviously.

The main list of stashed items needs a little UI love on Android, but it's a promising start for an app that hasn't yet launched.
Download here

Google Duo
Duo is easily one of the coolest apps released in the last month. Developed by Google, this free video-calling app was officially launched mid-August and it has one trick that makes it immediately exciting. When you make a call, Duo will begin video capture and display this on the receivers screen before they have even answered.

It's a subtle addition to video calling that makes the process feel a little nicer. That said Duo doesn't offer much else in the way of innovation, it's a typical, easy Google app that just works and there's no good reason not to give it a try.
Download here

Sprightly isn't a new app, but it has slid under my radar until a recent update. This is one of the Microsoft Garage apps, an enterprise dedicated to experimental projects that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day.

Sprightly is a free business tool aimed at simplifying the process of creating simple design projects such as E-Cards, fliers, posters, catalogs and more.
Recently updated with some new collage templates and filters, this is an excellent app that requires no experience with other design tools: just select the type of project you want to work on and Sprightly will guide you through the steps to create a professional end result.
Download here

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