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How To Get Free Payoneer Master/Debit Card In Nigeria And Ghana Withing Three (3) Weeks

Online transactions have been made easy for you and me, now you have no limit to where you make your transactions, you can be in Nigeria and Transact in the US as if you  presently are there.

With Payoneer Mastercard, you are good to go. Payoneer allows you to receive payments in USD from American companies – as if you have a US bank account!  So, is like running a USA bank account in Nigeria. Not only that, You can use a Payoneer card to purchase online and in stores or withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. You can also use it to receive payments in EUR from European companies – as if you have a European bank account!

To get a Payoneer Master Card Debit Card in Nigeria and Ghana is simple and the offer is totally free, all you have to do is to sign up for a Payoneer account and once it is approved, your Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard will be shipped to your doorstep.

I applied for mine on October 2nd, 2016 (2/10/2016), I also did the verifications the same day and my Payoneer Master card was delivered to my home on October eighteen 2016 (18/10/2016) let's say approcemently three (3) weeks. But from the mail I received, it said that it will be delivered to my home on October eleven 2016 (11/10/2016). But due to distance problem, that's why it has to stay that long.

How Do I Apply And Get It Delivered In Three (3) Weeks

For a better result, i will advise you have one of those bellow

  • International Passport
  • Citizenship Card
  • Or any valid Passport/Card that shows your identity.

But nevertheless, you can still go ahead if you do not have.

  • Now go to Payoneer site by clicking HERE and signup for a free account
  • Make sure you fill out the form accurately because that's how it will be shipped to you
  • Provide your ID like international passport or drivers license and Fill in you details ID or as required for verifications
  • Set your password, your secret questions and answer ( Make sure you can remember it for future purposes.)
  • Now enter the alternative shipping address if it's different from the one you earlier provided and also provide your State/City Postal code (This must be accurate because this is the address your Debit Card will be shipped to you in Nigeria.)
  • When you are done, just click on ORDER Button
  • Then go to you E-mail box and verify it
  • You will be approved
  • After you must have been approved, you will receive notification via email with info on when to expect the card to be delivered to you.

Then the card will be shipped to the shipping address you provided during the application process.
Delivery of the Payoneer Mastercard to your Nigerian address might take some weeks or months like mine only took 3Weeks as i said earlier. You might receive it on time if you use a Lagos, Abuja, Benin or Port-Harcourt address as the shipping address, though....

How Do I Verify My Card After Receiving It

After you must have received the card, you will have to sign into the Payoneer website to activate your Payoneer Mastercard.

  1. Sign into Payoneer website
  2. Input the card PIN
  3. Input the three (3) pin located at the back of the card
  4. Input your secret pin
  5. Then Activate it

After activating it, you can start using it to receive funds online or for online payments.

You can start funding your Payoneer card in Nigeria by telling another user to transfer funds to the card. You can also load it with funds using other cards or your local bank account. You can as well link it with your PayPal account or link it to Payoneer partner sites that pay affiliates directly into US bank accounts.

If you have any question do ask via the comment section.

Is It helpful to you? Comment and Share. Also tell us how long yours took to get to you!!

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  1. I have always want to learn how to do it right. I have always love this blog. Thank u Mr Wizprof

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you a lot. We have more and more to share

  3. This is very helpful, thanks. But my question is this, what if my means of identification has expired, will they approved of it on the site

    1. The need a valid ID. But you can try it, if it did not work then use Photoshop and edit the date to be valid, then apply with it, sure the will accept it.


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