Monday, 17 October 2016

How To Get Free Airtel 5GB By Tweaking Your IMEI

Hello, guys, you are all welcome today, it has been long that we receive this kind of awuf from Airtel network, Glo and Etisalat has served us well over the past months while Airtel ignored us all this while but the time has come for us to enjoy ones more.

This one is not an unlimited free browsing, rather a free GB for you to browse with your phone and PC, it very very easy to get though it involves IMEI tweaking and if you are a serious member/follower of this blog you will must have known how to tweak your IMEI. If you are a new user/member, i totally got you coverd

How Do I Get The Free 5GB On My Airtel Line

How to tweak (learn it Here)
Andriod Phone
IMEI (861143032399566)

  • Now simply tweak this IMEI 861143032399566 on you phone.
  • You can change the last three (3) or four (4) digits of the above IMEI
  • After a successful IMEI tweaking 
  • Now SMS the IMEI to 232. eg:  S861143032399566 to 232
  • You shoul recieve a succesfull masseg, if not tweak another IMEI
  • Now SMS JOIN to 141 and your free 5GB will be givin to you and its valid for 30 days (1 month)

The usuccessfull masseg goes as shown on the screenshot bellow.

How Do I Use The Free 5GB From Airtel
As usual, you can use it with the normal Airtel Apn ( or and it works both on Phone and on PC.

If you face any challenge do let me know or if you have not gotten any valid IMEI do let me know also, so i can provide one for you via the comment section.

Enjoy this Awuf while it last.

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  1. Given it a try ASAP

  2. after i send d sms to 232 it keeps showing invalid imei

  3. What you should now is to change 4 digits from the IMEI number, then analyze it here , after gotten a valid one, then tweak it.

  4. Do I necessarily need a new Sim card


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