Friday, 14 October 2016

Google Has Completely Redesigned Adsense Dashboard And Added New Features: Check It Out

For a long time now, Google Ads dashboard has looked a little bit old fashioned, with a face that looks more similar to some social sites we are used to that sometimes are not all that new fashion for the kind of period and time we are in, right now.

Yesterday, Google launched the redesigned Adsense dashboard that got me happy and rejoicing, Google took that opportunity to address some numbers of issues that the formal ads dashboard had and this issues was noted by Google Ads users and advertisers. Below are some of  the changes Google made ( Not limited to).

Some Changes That Is Been Made
Google has totally redesigned the look of the Ads dashboard and the following are some of the changes made

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Relocation of the home Key
When you login into your ads dashboard via PC you will notice a deferent kind of thing that you are not used to. The Home key is located at the top and at the left side of your dashboard.

Relocation of your performance:

On like before a little amendment has been made, now your performance has been arranged in a sequence where you can easily see what you have earned for the past Months, past Weeks and Days, Even the accurate amount and clicks that you have received.  Your CPC has been changing a little bit also.

An accurate list of countries that visit your site and that click on your ads has been listed according to their performance.

You can also see the total sites that are linked to your Ads account and how much you have earned from each of them so far.

In total google has done a great work by redesigning the ads dashboard and I really love the new design. Your earning has been arranged in a place where you can easily know if you are doing great or not.

What do you think about the new ads dashboard design? Comment and share......

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