Saturday, 24 September 2016

New Method To Browse With Glo 0.0kb On Tweakware v3.6 With New Cracked Settings

Hello, guys hope you all are doing good. I have been getting too many complain about using Glo 0.0KB on tweakware version 3.6 and other lower versions so i started working on making it connect steadily and after too many tweaking I finally find a way out in which I will be sharing here today.

Tweakware was having problem with their server and Glo was equally having the same problem because of too many tweaking and hacking with their domain ( and that's why you have been experiencing this problem ever since.

But in this post, we are going to change some things than usual and use as our Apn so sit tight and get it done.

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In this tweak, we are going to apply some strategy which is a bit out of the way we use to do it so sit tight and pay more attention with the tweak am dropping here today. Mind you, if you have any question do not hesitate to ask and I will not attend to any question via WhatsApp chat.

How Do I Browse With Glo 0.0kb On Tweakware v3.6
Glo Sim that has no money on it (0.0kb)
Andriod Phone
Tweakware V3.6 (Download it Here)

  • Now go to your network settings and configure it as follow

  • Apn Name: WizprofApn:
  • or 
  • Username and Password: gloflat

  • After that launch your tweakware v3.6 and follow the below setting
  • Go to settings

  • Tap on Server Settings 

  • Tap on Connection Mode Options

  • Tap on HTTP Host

  • Now change it from to and tap on OK

  • Now go to Account Settings and use the bellow user account


  • Now go back and go to Bundled Settings
  • Tick Use Bundled Settings
  • Tap on Select Bundled Setting
  • Tick (NG GLO)0.0#

  • Now go back.

here we will apply some strategy. Now tap on Connect 5 times and each time you tapped on it, it will tell you Connection HTTP Failed.

  • Now wait for 30 seconds then Tap on it again like 2 to 3 times and wait for it to connect.

After I have gotten connected start flexing and blazing.

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  1. Wow blazing like fire. Thank you and more great to your tweakings

  2. working perfectly. Thank you sir Wiz

  3. Works well. Thank you Prof

  4. Can I Browse with it on PC


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