Sunday, 25 September 2016

My Experience Using Google Allo Smart Chat App

Google Allo has been fully launch and has gotten to so many countries which Nigeria and Ghana is one of. Withing this few days of it launched it has hit many users and many are still moving into it. Downloading this App is just simple and it just a 14MB sized app, with just few connection of Tweakware V3.6 or Queencee V6 yours will be smiling on your smartphone right away.

I made a post on how to make use of Google Allo, I made it in a way all of us will understand and have a full access to what it has to offer.

I have used Google Allo for this few days to chat with my friends and family, I bow for the app it's so wonderful I testify! its very close to perfect. I was actually feeling like quitting Whatsapp LOL.

In this post am going to share my few experiences with Google Allo so you can compare and contrast with your own experience.

  • How Do I Register For Google Allo?

Like Whatsapp it's very simple and easy to register I will say its the easiest  and it can be done in no time. So what you have to do is just.

  • Go to Google play store.
  • Search for Allo then download it from there or just click Here and download it.
  • Now launch it and input your real cell phone number. It those not require international form because it goes with you local location.
  • after inputting your number, upload your photo.
  • After that you are set to chat with your friends.

  • How Easy It Is

Allo is very very easy to move around and the environment is friendly, it is one of the easiest chat apps that I have ever encounter in years and the best part is you can search any word right in Allo chat app environment through google. You can equally ask any question that comes to you mind anytime anywhere. Check out these screenshots below.

  • Google Allo Assistant

One of the best features this app comes is the 24/7 availability of the Allo Assistance and all your questions are answered right away as you unleash it. It even gives you result from the google search.

Watch this short video of my conversation with the Allo Assistant

  • Smart Reply

While chatting on Allo I notice that Allo helps me to reply my friend's messages that's why it's called Smart Reply. It helps suggest images, emojis and words for your conversation to be sweet and interactive.

The only fault I discovered is that its does not have  end-to-end encrypted making your conversation not secured and private. But i do not have a lot to complain because it has just been few days that google launched Allo app, I expect that Google would bring new amazing features to Allo app so it can over ride other well know popular app like whatsapp.

What is your own experience with Google Allo ? Share with us...

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