Monday, 19 September 2016

Learn The Difference Between "Clear App Data" And "Clear App Cache"

Most times you encounter app problem on your android phone app most especially Vpn apps and the only solution you get was just to go and clear your phone app cache or app data.

These solutions work like a miracle because that's where all the data and abilities of that particular app lie. The big question here is What is the deferent between the two "App Data and App Cache.

In this post. am  going to explain it to you so that when next you are performing anything like that, you will have a full knowledge of exactly what you are doing.

What is clearing the app cache?
The cache is a temporary storage area of a device which retains certain kinds of data. The aim of this is to speed up how quickly and smoothly your device operates and reduces how much data is processed and consumed.

After restarting your phone, have you ever noticed how slow your camera app is to first open when each subsequent attempt is quicker? The increase in speed after the initial launch of an app is thanks to this cached data. Similarly, you might find that websites load faster on a second visit. Once again, this is because files such as images have been previously stored in the cache.

There is often no need to manually manage cached data: Android is very capable of this on its own. However, if an app starts to misbehave or stop working, then you may wish to manually take this step.

When you clear an apps cached data, you remove the temporary files placed there, and you'd be surprised how often this acts as an effective solution. Also note, however, that it doesn't guarantee better performance, and the app may even be temporarily slower the next time it's used.

What is clearing app data?
Clearing app data is a more severe (for want of better word) step. While the cache can be cleared with little risk to app settings, preferences and save states, clearing the app data will delete/remove these.
Clearing data resets an app to its default state: it makes your app act like when you first downloaded and installed it. For example, say you make changes to the settings of your favourite fitness app. You change the length of exercises and sound settings. Clearing the cache will not affect these saved settings. Clearing stored data, may – and in all likelihood – will.

When should they be applied?
There are a few circumstances in which you may wish to clear app or cache data. Firstly, to save storage space. Some apps can store gigabytes of data that you no longer need (podcast apps are often guilty of this). In this case, you may wish to clear their data.

The other, and more common, reason is to reset an app to a default state if it has become problematic, buggy or otherwise disruptive.

How do I clear app or cached data?
The process differs between device and operating system, but for most Lollipop devices, the steps will look something like this:

  • Navigate to your Settings menu.
  • Scroll to Apps subhead and tap it.
  • Swipe to the All tab.
  • Tap on the app which you wish to remove data for.
  • Now on the following page, tap either clear cache or clear data, depending on which measure you wish to take.
With these ideas and explanation, you now know the deferent between them bot and how to perfectly make us of it.

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