Saturday, 10 September 2016

Latest Method To Browse And Download On Glo 0.0 Free Browsing With UC Mini Browser

Hello, guys, you are all welcome today, Glo free browsing has been rocking since it came out but the friquent problem we have is that its diconnect withing a short moment of connecting but always there are alternatives.

Glo 0.0 free browsing with UC Mini is no more a new cheat for those of you that constantly visit this blog and it has been an althernative when there are lack of free browsing cheats for those followiing this blog and those in Wizprof Whatsapp group. But the only problem was that it can not download no matter what but on my long run reserach i have successfully find a way to make it download with just few steps.

How To Browse With Glo 0.0 Free Browsing Cheat On UC Mini

UC Mini browser (Download it here)
Glo Sim with no money on it

Leave your APN default settings

Now after dwnloading you UC Mini, launch and configure it as follows

Tick Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: Default
Proxy port: 80

Now after configuring it you can start browsing with it its fast and reliable because as the cheat its i can tell you it will last for a long time so do not be scared because the are not blocking it any time soon.

How To Download With It

  • First open this website with your uc mini handler after getting it connected
  • Now add the website name you want to download from.
  • Then click Go and your download will start reading immediately.

To make it download what you have to do is to change the php extention of the file you want to download because the website works on php extentioned so it changes/rename any file to it in build extention, so all you have to do is to rename it to the file type you want to download like from php to .mp4, .apk, .exe or .pdf then your downoad will sart
That's all you need to know about it so if you have any questions let me know via the comment box.

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