Thursday, 29 September 2016

Introducing TweakwareIT VPN Handler: Another VPN Handler App for Free Browsing

Tweakware is not the only Vpn that does a nice job when it comes to free browsing, there are other VPNs known for good work.

TweakwareRed Vpn is one Vpn that those a whole lots of good work like Tweakware, The Vpn was newly moulded by Dzeb the popular Vpn Handler Molder but this time something deferent was done.

TweakwareRed Vpn comes with two interfaces, the interface of Queencee V6 Ultra Lite and that of Tweakware V1.6 and it does whole lots of good works.

TeakwareRed is very very easy to configure than most of the Vpn apps it has no data limit unlike Tweakware and it's not limited to 300MB a day.

Advantages Of TweakwareRed

  1. It has no data limit
  2. Its requires no account
  3. Its easy to configure
  4. It has a regular interface as you are used to
  5. It Has different region 
  6. It's a lite app meaning, it just needs little space to be installed on your phone

Below Are Screenshots Of TweakwareRed Interface

Where To Download TweakwareRed
Download TweakwareRed here

Free Browsing That Is Currently Working On TweakwareRed
As usual, it's like the normal Vpn that we have been using here but just that it comes with Tweakware and Queencee V6 interface. so below are some free browsing that is currently working on tweakwareRed.

Glo 0.0 kb free browsing check, it out here
Etisalat 0.0kb free browsing, check it out here

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  1. Nice one Prof. Can I use Psiphone configurations on it ?

  2. Yes you can. From the interface you can see its the same with that of of Psiphone and Queencee


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