Thursday, 1 September 2016

How To Make And Publish Blog Post On Your Andriod Phone With Blogger Apk App

Hello, guys, I wish you all a happy new month to you all are welcome to this wonderful month the month of happiness and joy in another dimension, today am going to share with you on how to make a post through your phone.

Many bloggers might not be  aware that you can make a post directly from your phone without even turning on your computer the way android has made everything easy for use to even blog without a Pc with an app name Blogger.

What Is Blogger APK App
Blogger is an App design for blogger blog platform with Blogger you can easily make a post with your android, Upload picture past links and much more. Though there are other apps that do better the Blogger App Like Bloggeriod and Bloglt

Over the years Blogger has constantly been updating and as the update comes so new futures follow me personally make use of Blogger to make post with my android phone whenever I do not feel like turning on my PC

Importance And Futures Of Blogger Apk

  • It allows you post with your android phone
  • It allows you upload picture from your phone 
  • It allows editing of post if you made any mistake or want to make some changes on it
  • It allows making a draft write up 
  • You can make a post with it and then later publish on your PC any time you like

How Do I Make Use Of Blogger

It's simple to mess around with but for a start, I will take you through on how to make a post with it with the help of some screenshots I have prepared.

Now, this how the dashboard looks like.

How Do I Make Post With Bogger Apk
Download Blogger Apk app on google play store
Now install and launch it
Login using your Gmail account and it must be the account you are using to run your blog
Now click on a pencil sign on the app then start making you post

How Do Past A Link On A Write Up
Highlight the letter you to want to paste the link in, then tap on the link sign, past the link and tap on Ok

How Do I Bolding And Make My Letters To Be Italic
Highlight the letter you want to bolding and tap on the B or highlit the latter you wish and tap on I

How Do I Publish A Post On Blogger Apk
After making up your post now click on Done then clock on the arrow sign as shown on the screenshot

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How Do I Save My Post As Draft 
After written your post just tap on Done and then tap on the save sign located at the top as shown in the screenshot

That's it if you have any question you can ask via the comment box and your questions will be answered.

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