Monday, 19 September 2016

How To Get Free N1000 Airtime With Nairabox Cracked Apk Version

Hello guys, am glad to announce to that another free Airtime is here again. Last time this kind of offer rolled out here some of us were able to get there while somewhere sleeping and the offer pass by them.

Nairabox app is a new digital wallet investment that allows you to pay for any goods and services online just with the Nairabox app. the was launch in Lagos recently and have started to operate fully. The interesting part of this very app is that the are rewarding people that down;load the and register for it with N100 free airtime.

But with the cracked version of Nairabox, you can get up to N1000 airtime to make the call, send SMS and buy data.

How Do I Get Free Airtime With Nairabox App On My Phone

It's simple jus as the previous ones we have been using here

  • First Download Cracked version of Nairabox android here
  • Install the app then launch it
  • Now create an account with it by inputting your name, the number you, Gmail address and date of birth.
  • It will ask for an invitation code. ( you can skip it or drop yours so others can use)
  • After completing your registration go and verify your Email or you can be verified through your number and it will be the number you submitted. so the will call you and give the verification code
  • After the must have called  and have given  you the verification code, just insert the verification number in the place made for it
Now go back to your Naira App

On your Nairabox app, you will see N1000 there and you can use it to make calls Send MSM and buy data

What Are Some Other Things I Can Do With The App

This is some of the things you can d with Nairabox app though not limited to.

  • You can Make bill payment for utility internet services
  • You can buy airtime credit with both for yes and friend
  • You can transfer digital tickets to your anyone
  • You can donate to charity organisations
  • You can make in-store payment at participating retail stores
  • You can send money to other Nairabox account through their username and phone number
  • You can buy tickets to events and cinema

How Do I Get Unlimited Airtime On Nairabox

Just share your referral link to people so that the will register with it and from there you will get free N1000 airtime credit

So that's it guys if you have any challenge, let us know via the comment box and it will be attended to.

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  1. Nice cool but I have a question, Has it stopped working?

  2. Nice cool but I have a question, Has it stopped working?

  3. Wait sir are you sure the normal #100 per referral is still working?

  4. Hey Miracle Its working but not like before so you might luckily get yours or not. And it's only #100


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