Monday, 12 September 2016

How To Browse With Glo 0.0 Free Browsing With PC UC Mini Handler Version

Tweaking and free browsing cheats have been made simple for those of you seriously following this blog.

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For the past months, those of us here have been rocking well none stop with Glo 0.0 free browsing with Uc Mini browser and since the day the cheat was cracked I have not gotten any complaint from anybody about it. Just few days back I made a post on how to download with it which works perfectly fine without any issue bot today am bringing it in the most advanced method which is how to use it on PC.

The tutorial its simple and easy to go about if you pay more attention so am going to move ahead with the tutorial.

How Do I Browse With Glo 0.0 Free browsing On PC with UC Mini Browser


Glo Sim that has no money on it
USB modem that supports Glo sim
UC Mini for PC ( Download it Here) or you can download it here for MAC or other devices

Now Instal and launch your UC Mini browser then configure it as follows

Click on Network
Front Query:
Middle Query:
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Inject or Default
Real Proxy Port: 80

Now click on Save and click on Continue or the ping settings/handler settings and continue.

If you want to change any settings just double click on the box and edit anything you wish. If you are going to advance settings or want to change anything on advance settings or you want to configure Proxy settings just "Ctrl" "O" on your PC any time while using to navigate to the settings.
For MAC "Cmd" "O"

How Do I Download With It
The same procedure applied on a phone is also applicable here.

  • Visit with your Pc Uc Mini
  • Now copy the file Url you want to download and go past it on the site were Url space is provided and click on Go then Immediately your file will start downloading.

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  1. You are welcome bro, rock it while it last

  2. its not downloading...even after using

    1. Samas Abubakar am sorry for that. visit Here and see a full explanation on how to make it download. The same method is applied to the mobile version so i detailed everything down there

  3. Its promting Javascript not installed pls help

    Commenting from

    1. Download and install Java Runtime here Then proceed with the configurations.


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