Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Glo 0.0kb Free Browsing On Tweakware v1.6 With New Cracked Apn For Nigeria And Philippine

My last update with Glo 0.0kb on tweak are Vpn V3.6 is still rocking well up to date so if you can check it out get it done it very simple to configure.

In these post am going to take you through on how to get your Tweakware v1.6 which seems to be forgotten in the the tweakware family working again with this new configuration. Lately, we have have been experiencing many problems with glo.reidirect domain because of many people are using it at the same time tweakers are tweaking new cheats with it o i decided to get an alternative to it so you can enjoy with it and keep on staying online.

I found out that using the regular Apn disturb Tweakware Vpn because it been giving a load it might not be able to take for a long time so I set out to find an alternative to it which I was successful.

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How To Browse With Glo 0.0kb on Tweakware 1.6

Before configuring any your Apn first of all SMS PAYU to 127 then follows the below procedure.

Now configure you Apn as follows

APN: or
Username and Password: gloflat

  • Now download tweakware V6.1 here
  • Install and launch it 
  • Now tap on LOGS then tap on Handler Menu 
  • Immediately you will be asked for a childlock code. just input this code cdce.imishiro.032990

Then configure the others as directed below

  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy type: Real host 
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: Default 

  • Real Proxy port: 80 or 8080
  • Then Untick Childlock and Tap on Save

  • Now go back Home and select UNITED STATES or NETHERLANDS as your region and hit on connect. It will take just few time to connect, after i must have gotten connected,  start rocking .

What Of If I Am In Philippians

My members from Philippians I got you covered. I I figured that this Apn works in philippine so if you are going for this cheat use this Apn "".

  1. After that, download Queencee V6 Ultra Lite here
  2. Then Configure it as follows

  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy type: Real host 
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: Default 
  • Tap on Ok
  • Then tap on Start and feel the magic
Am using my domain Apn which is "" to rock mine so you can try it out and feel the speed.

Have gotten yours? let us know via the comment session. if you face any problem getting yours done, let us know via the comment section.

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  1. Unable to install due parsing issues

    1. Sorry for the delay. If you have the previous version of Tweakware or Queencee, uninstall it and install the ones i provided the link.


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