Saturday, 3 September 2016

Beware: New Maleware Name DressCode Infecting Applications On Google Play store

Recently we have had much malware attacking android phones which are as the result of unknown mistakes.
This one comes in another method than usual, this particular malware was discovered on google play store and has affected more than 50 apps in Google play store and more than 500 apps on Unofficial app store like Apkpure app store and the rest of them. Though Google play store is the most secured app store but no knows how this malware made it way into play store.

Dress Code which is the name of the Malware works in a way you will not notice. The malware will create a so-called botnet. The attackers are able to use infected devices to route traffic through them. Checkpoint says, the hackers only use it to generate false ad traffics and click and for collecting ad revenue. However, a botnet who is this malware can be used for more serious attacks I.e getting access to company's server and files.

even though the malware can generate invalid clicks and traffics on ad, you can  still stop it from running on your device background otherwise, it will affect your device performance.
Make sure your device has the latest security patch installed and always make sure you download apps from the right source wich is Google play store

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