Friday, 9 September 2016

Airtel Has Increased The Price Of 1.5GB Night Plan From N50 To N200

Hello guys you are all welcome, I have kind of bad news to announce to Airtel users that are addicted to the Airtel night plan.

 just last night I had some heavy files to download online so I decided to use Airtel night plan because its cheaper than others but while trying to subscribe to it I found the change in price of the normal N50 for 1.5GB has been increased to N200 for the same amount of GB.

I was not surprised because airtel has done the worst before. Before now airtel has been known for their tricks and suddenly surprises.

Why Was The Price Increase ?
Remember Etisalat and Glo have a similar plan but the offers less Data for a bigger price, Airtel thought to them selfs that Etisalat has the same plan but theirs was way much costlier than theirs even the data is lesser than theirs yet the have many subscribers using it then the decided to maintain the data but increased the price.

Which Of The Plans Did It Affect ?
As a matter of fact, it affected only the 1.5GB data plan which was formerly N50 but  currently N200 but the one of 500MB for N25 still remain as it was.
What Should I Do
If you are among those using this Airtel night plan what I think is you can still  stick to it because Airtel network is fast and the data cap is more than what other networks are offering.

My Advice
Rather than wasting N200 to 1.5GB you better use them same N200 and get up to 4GB in a night. How do I mean ? you know you can subscribe as many times as you want on Airtel night plan
So let's do some calculations here 500+500 = 1000 that is 1GB and it only cost N50 then plus another N50 for 1GB which is 2GB for N100 plus another 2GB for N100 which is 4GB for N200.
Why will your waste your money when you still have a calculating brain?

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