Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why Haven't You Upgrade You Windows To Windows 10, Free Windows Upgrade Direct From Microsoft

Hello guys last month i made a post about a free upgrade to windows 10 that Microsoft  offered, and it seems that no one cared to check it out maybe because you think its not possible or it will not work here in Africa, but the important thing you should understand is that technology is coming to Africa than before and anything those in western worlds are enjoying, are gradually coming down to Africa, now the offer that Microsoft made are for all those that use a PC running on Windows Operating system.

Why You Should Go For This Free Upgrade From Microsoft

The Windows we use on our computer here in Nigeria are counterfeit windows, you rarely see a computer running on and original windows. the only way you can get the original windows is by ordering one direct from Microsoft which the amount is high and i do not think any one would love to spend his/her money on that.

How Do I Upgrade My Windows Directly From Microsoft For Free

Why not go for this offer by visiting Microsoft Free Upgrade Here.

If you have any question ask via the comment box.

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