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Why Should You Be Bored When You Have A Smart Phone: How To Enjoy Your Smart Phone At The Fullest

Why should you be bored when you own a smart phone?, today's world were everything has been prepared and set to give you everything you want and anytime you want it, though some times its seems that your smart phones is not serving you well as it should but! the truth of the mater is, you have not customise it as it should may be because you do not know the right app or the right thing to do, but today am going to show you few things you should do and i tell you, your smile will increase 

What Are Some Of The Things I Should Know About Smart Phones

Remember back in those days were all the phones and all you know about phones is Symbian And Java, the period were Nokia, SonyEricsson, Sagem, Motorola (Hello Motor) etc, were the king, people were still getting the best out of there phone.
Today we have Phone operating system that has many futures, operating system that will serve you well.
List If Phones Operating Systems:

Android OS (Owned by Google Inc.)
iPhone OS / iOS (Owned by Apple)
Windows Mobile (Owned by Microsoft)
BlackBerry OS (Owned by Research In Motion)
Bada (Owned by Samsung Electronics)
MeeGo OS (Owned by Nokia and Intel)
Palm OS (Owned by Garnet OS)

Why Are The Call Smart Phones:
A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. Smartphones, which are usually pocket-sized, typically combine the features of a cell phone, such as the ability to receive and make phone calls, with those of other popular digital mobile devices. Other features typically include a personal digital assistant (PDA) for making appointments in a calendar, media player, video games, GPS navigation unit, digital camera and digital video camera. Most smartphones can access the Internet and can run third-party software components (apps). They typically have a color touchscreen graphical user interface that covers 70% or more of the front surface, with LCD, OLED, AMOLED, LED or similar screen.

How Do I Start Enjoying My Smart Phone

To start enjoying your smart phones you need couple of things you need to install which are games and some applications.
App: if you want you your phone to look cool you need to install one or two theme or luncher so that your phone will appearance will be more customized that others. Am going to list out 4 lunches, so you can choose any one you and enjoy your phones.

Andriod Lunchers

Nluncher: It makes your lower andriod version appear as the latest andriod version 7.0 Nagout, download it HERE

Windows 10 Luncher: It makes your andriod phone appear like windows 10 mobile, download it HERE

Arrow Launcher: Makes your smartphone look simple but actractive, download it HERE

Apex Launcher: Another simple but cool launcher, download it HERE

Android Games

Pokemon Go: The first game you should think of is Pokemon Go game see all you need to know about it HERE and Download it HERE

Candy Crush Saga: Is an awesome game try it out, download it HERE

Temple Run 2: If you dont have this game on your phone please tell were you are from, download it HERE.

Lara Croft GO: Its a nice cool game, download it HERE

Alto's Adventure: Try it out, download it HERE.

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You can also add some cool games and launcher that is not here via the comment box.

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