Saturday, 13 August 2016

See An Electric Screwdriver Produced By Xiaomi: Wowstick 1f Electric Screwdriver Review

Xiaomi has announced an electric screwdriver called the Wowstick 1fs which was launched using the Mijia crowdfunding platform.

The screwdriver which has an integrated anodised aluminium design also comes with a built-in shadowless LED so you can see into dark holes holding screws. The Wowstick features a removable battery that offers up to 8 hours of continuous work or up to 180 days of standby. It will come in a white storage box and have a weight of 234g. There will be 18 srew tips made from S2 steel alloy. You should also get speeds of up to 100RPM on the Wowstsick 1fs.

The Wowstick 1fs has a price tag of 199 Yuan ($30), but expect it to sell for more when you buy from retailers. If you’re looking for a gift to give a friend or relative who likes to fix things, you should probably have a look at this  electronic screwdriver.

Their role is to facilitate the tools to improve efficiency. However, Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver did not agree with that. It has a gorgeous appearance, mature content, so that users have a simple, pleasant feelings at work. Easy and enjoy. Simple and pleasant, enjoy the work and brought into a comfortable situation.

Boxes with frosted plastic box, embedded paper manuals and product-related information. Through half frosted plastic boxes and paper specification can have simple understading about Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver.
Instructions on the paper listed product related information.
The four icons in the side stands for “screwdriver”, “steering with self-locking”, “manual all in one” and “dry battery.” These four basic include Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver characteristics.
Middle of storage cartridge intimate recesses left, as to why need open from the middle of it?

Actually the storage box full with magnet, the overall open-close design, open, close is no longer necessary alignment of the corners, natural cover, automatic pull.
Storage box cover on the left printed Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver brand name Wowtation.

Electric screwdriver weight 166g, feeling in hand just fine. Screwdriver steering control switch uses black piano keys, reversing seesaw, a single finger pressing operation, with the loose with the stop. Slim graceful body, just like a pen in the hand, very handy.

At the rear of the frame is the removable battery installation. Rotate to remove the rear battery cover, you can load two No.7 battery, up to 24 hours of continuous operation power. When replacing the battery, the battery cover do not screwed too tight. This removable battery feel same like a child removable flashlight.

Built six common screw head used were SL3.0, SL1.5, PH000, PH1, T5, T6, size 4x28mm. Of course, for love toss geeks, this screw heads are not enough. Fortunately, the vast majority screw head in the market can be applied to Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver. Good general suitability let Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver can play a greater role.

Regular maintenance of electronic products geeks know screw head extension rod very important. For occupying the ground floor space for those small screws, extension pole is the best weapon to deal with them.
Screw head extension rod handling same as screw head, you can direct pull and put in.
After wowstick-1f electric screwdriver connected to the screw head extension rod, it can be extended about 6.5cm. For the vast majority of small digital electronic products is sufficient to solve the problems. When you use the extension rod connected to the screw head, if the screw head rotation found unstable, jitter badly, it means the screw head and extension rod do not assembled correctly, the connector is not inserted in the end, simply pull out the screw head and the extension rod and reassemble.

No lock function electric screwdriver easily to make screw head has scratched lines, eventually leading to the next disassembly of the screw, the screw head cannot take off. Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver manual design makes battery-powered and self-locking drives are able to play its role. Pure rotation during using battery-powered, fast and efficient. Tighten the screws when using the self-locking drive, safe and reliable.
As a positioning in digital small appliance repair using an electric screwdriver, it’s range of use can be seen from its no-load speed. For those screws slightly larger, even with the corresponding model of the screw head, Wowstick-1f electric screwdriver was powerless.

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