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See Cool New Laptop Produced By Civiltop: CIVILTOP S643 Reviews

Laptop market is currently full of many brands offering various types of products at different price tags, different design and different features list. The CIVILTOP S643 doesn’t stand out with astonishing features, but all the specs it comes packed with are enough for everyday use. This budget laptop is a perfect choice for those who is looking for a portable PC to implement what he/she want on-the-go.

That’s not a secret people are currently looking for laptops powered by Intel i series chips. They are faster and provide a better performance. But only a little part of laptop buyers knows that Intel i series have many categories and even if you get acquainted an i3 laptop, it can provide worse performance, than many dual-core chip powered laptops. Moreover, a laptop’s RAM plays a huge role when it comes to speed. So let’s take our hands on the CIVILTOP S643 laptop and see whether this budget laptop is able to compete with others and find its place under the sun.


Many laptop makers are obsessed with providing an eye-catching design for their products. I think this is a logical approach, as many potential buyers take into account the fact how their gadget will look, and they ignore what’s inside. I know many geeks will say that’s a wrong approach when buying a laptop, because it may look quite attractive but work terrible because of weak features. However, let’s accept that design is one of the selling factors for laptops. So let’s take a glance at the CIVILTOP S643 design to find out what design elements are added to it to make it competitive.

Undoubtedly, it looks like a business class laptop thanks to a metallic cover. The body comes at 33.70 x 23.20 x 2.10 cm dimensions and it weighs only 1.85kg. Thus we can write down this is one of the lightest laptops in the market. Plus, it is one of the slimmest laptops, thus we can put it into the list of ultrabooks. But here raises another question – is this laptop capable of cooling the system effectively? As you know ultrabooks have a real problem concerning this case, and seems no laptop maker (even Apple) have no solving for it.

The main ports are placed in the right side: a SD card slot, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 slots, a HDMI slot, an audio jack and a RJ45 connector. There is no slots located on the left side.

As for the keyboard, the keys are at perfect size and the spacing between them looks quite acceptable as well. The keys are also made of a soft and solid material that allow users to find the edges without looking at them.

The touch pad is also designed well, and though it can be over locked not to prevent when typing or doing another job, this one is mixed up with the palm rest. No additional stickers are added to it, so the laptop’s elegant look is provided.

At last, the laptop comes with a 14 inch display (but we’ll provide more details on it next) and a 1 MP camera above the screen as well.


The CIVILTOP S643 laptop is packed with a 14 inch display at a resolution of 1366 x 768, and it has a widescreen format with 16:9 aspect ratio as expected. The resolution typically refers to a 720p HDTV, thus we are dealing with a good screen laptop, though it doesn’t provide full HD that is bit disappointing.


This laptop is equipped with a dual-core Intel Celeron N2815 CPU running at 1.86GHz of clock frequency. This means we are dealing with a branded processor, but seems it’s a bit slower than we expected. However, the CPU itself can’t solve any problems and only in combination with other features we can assess its work. As for the CIVILTOP S643, it comes with a DDR3 4GB RAM with one slot and an integrated Intel HD Graphics with 22nm. Plus the caching is 1MB, which can be enough if you are not going to load heavy games and programs. The laptop also comes with a 128GB SSD, which seems standard for such laptops, though all users prefer the hard drive to be larger.

Unfortunately, there is no CD/DVD driver, because it’s very difficult to thrust such a part into a slim body, so many laptop makers avoid it. Honestly, CD/DVD drivers are not required much on laptops, because internet is available everywhere and people get their hands on an info they need from wherever they are.

Once talking about connectivity, let’s take glance at the certain features of this laptop. It comes with WLAN and LAN card slots, which means you can connect to the internet even wirelessly, and at least, the laptop supports Bluetooth 4.0 if you need it.

The CIVILTOP S643 has a 3470mAh battery that will be enough to keep your device charged for a few hours.

[Do not surprised to see I’m not talking about the OS it comes with, because the CIVILTOP S643 comes with DOS allowing you install any OS you prefer.]

Availability  And General Specs

The CIVILTOP S643 is currently available for pre-order from gearbest at a price tag of $279.24. The final shipping day is set to be August 15.


Business class look
Slim body
Comfortable keyboard/touchpad
Price tag


HDTV resolution display
Dual-core processor

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