Monday, 8 August 2016

HP Launch A Powerup Backpack That boasts 22,400 mAh battery for Charging your devices And Laptops

Nigeria in particular has a major problem that has seems like there is no solution to it, this problem is well known by all Nigerian which is instability of of power supply, this has been a problem for a long time even when power bank was introduced it was helping but cant help as Nigerians need it to but the worries is going to die any time soon, as long as humanity decides to go off the grid completely. That is why there is an endless list of power banks, battery packs and modern day gadgets which keep your gadgets charged to the brim. In this opportune market HP has come-up with their own iteration of a power bank for laptops, smartphones or any other mobile device that you own. HP Powerup Backpack looks like any other normal backpack on first look, but what’s on the inside makes it special.

The backpack has an insane 22,400 mAh battery backup which ensures that your smartphone or HP laptop will never be shy of battery power, even if you travel a lot. This seems like an ingenious solution, but mind you, when there are batteries involved there is always an imminent danger of high temperatures.

HP has that covered with the advanced heat sensors embedded into the backpack to avoid any unusual heat-up. Also, the vents make sure that the backpack doesn’t overheat while your laptop is inside.

Other than that, the backpack has loads of pockets, well organized cable outlets and interior padding for maximum comfort while carrying. To cover bad weather conditions, the Powerup Backpack comes with a raincoat too.

More Info
It can be recharge and the funny part is its good for playing Pokemon Go game none Stop

The backpack is available on Amazon for pre-order, and it is going to be released on October 1st 2016. HP Powerup Backpack can be yours for a price tag of $199.99 USD.

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