Sunday, 7 August 2016

How To Get Free GBs On MTN GH For Ghanna

Hello happy sunday to you all am great full that we all are here today, well i have some goodies for the Ghanians that visit this blog to show that you guys are on my list of tweaking, it will not be nice that as you visit this blog constantly, nothing will be done for you surely something will be done.
Thisn free GB works only on MTN GH so Ganians per attention as i take through on how to get free 4GB and above, with this cheat you can get up to 9-10GB if you follow the right procedure as i will take you through today

How Can I Get Free MTN GB


MTK Devices
MTK Enginering Mode (for MTK Devices) download it Here
MTN line
Andriod Phone

Qualcome Snapdragon 
Xposed Framework Installer (download it Here)
IMEI Changer (download it Here)
MTN line
Andriod Phone
How To Get The Free GB
  • Now when you have all this requirements
  • Now add two (2) numbers to this IMEI  (867066025298) and copy and past it in this site
  • After copy and pasting it in the site you will get a full 15 digits IMEI, eg 867066025298129
  • Or you can just add any three numbers to the twelve (12) numbers
  • Now tweak your phone with the IMEI you generated 
  • After successful IMEI tweaking
  • Go to phone message and text MB to 151 
  • and you will receive a free 1GB
The more you send the more you receive

NOTE: send it once per day

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If you are new in IMEI tweaking see how to tweak your IMEI.


For Qualcomm Snapdragone

Now Follow the Step By Step Procedures Below:

=>  Install Xposed Framework Installer and launch it

=>  Click on Framework, click on install/update.

=>  When successfully done, reboot your device.

=>  Install IMEI Changer, click on modules and tick IMEI changer.

=>  Now, Generate your blackberry imei with [IMEI Generator [APK Version] and write it down.

=> Now launch the IMEI Changer App and input the generated imei in the space provided in the app, then click Apply.

=>  Now reboot your device and dial *#06# to confirm if your imei has successfully changed.

Your Turn:

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