Thursday, 4 August 2016

How To Float On Your Device While Watching Your YouTube Videos With FlyTube

I know you guys will be amazed with this new discovery, from this post you will learn how to float while watching youtube videos, am a fan of youtube and i know many of you are, with this new discovery you do not need to close down your YouTube just because you want to reply a whatsapp message or you want to reply a mail.

What is Floating Youtube Videos

This simply means doing other things like chatting on whatsapp or faacebook, reading your mails, even playing games while you watch youtube videos, this bring multitasking to a high level because normally you can multitask with your android phone while doing other things but when it comes to while watching youtube videos it turns to another story because when you try to do that you video immediately stop playing but today am going to show you a simple method to multitask while you watch your favorite video on youtunbe.

How Do I Float Why Watching YouTube Videos
What you just need to do is to download FlyTube from play store now with the app installed on you device you can float while watching your videos on you tube.

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