Sunday, 14 August 2016

How To Browse With Glo 0.0 Free Browsing And Downloading On Psiphone3 VPN Software On PC

As we are rocking glo 0.0 free browsing on our andriod phone is time to also enjoy that on our PC without tethering it. Psiphone has been the VPN serving us al this while and one thing i like about it is that its fast and easily tweaked, recently Psiphone version for computer was lunch and with it you can easily browse and download directly from your PC with your modem, in this post am going to show you how to get it done in some few minutes.

How Do I Browse With Psiphone3 VPN Software On My PC


Glo Sim card with no airtime on it
Psiphone3 VPN software for PC ( download it Here)
Your full attention

Now insert the Glo Sim into your modem and insert the modem to your PC
Now set your APN as glosecure or glo3gvideo

Now after downloading the Psiphone3 VPN, install and lunch it on you PC then configure it as follows

Tick Remove Port

Proxy Type: Real Host

Proxy Server:

Proxy Server Type: HTTP

Port: 80

Now Save

Do not tick connect through HTTP Proxy
Chosse United Kingdom or United State as your region
Connect and start browsing

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If it disconnect often or did not connect at all, insert the sim back to you phone then SMS PAYU to 127 then insert it back to your modem and start rocking it.

If faced with any challenge let us know via the comment box.

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