Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Google Duo Video Calling App: Google Has Lunched A Smart Video Calling App

Today Google reased it new chat app called Duo. Eerlier this year at Google I/O, the one-to-one video app is the search giant's attempt at simplifying the often too complicated task of video calling.

Anything that could be even mildly complex has been stripped out of Duo. It's mobile only—there is no desktop app or web version—and operates on both iOS and Android.

How Does It Work
Rather than requiring users to sign up for, or sign in to, a Google account, the app requires just a phone number to operate. To create an account, it checks the phone number from a device's SIM and then sends a confirmation text to that number. That's all there is to the set-up process.
Likewise, the chat itself is stripped down to its simplest form. There is no group chat option, no add-ons or visual effects or filters like Google Hangouts. It's just a simple, straight-forward stream between two people.

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Key Features
Simple interface and user friendly
Fast and reliable even with 2G network
The design is warm and inviting with a feature called Knock Knock. It let you see live video of your caller before you answer

Download For andriod On Google Play Store. Download for IOS on iTunes store

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