Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Why You Should Never Install Flash Keyboard On Your Android Device

Flash keyboard is among the popular andriod aplications on google play store even on the net, most of us if not all have use this app.
lately i was making some researches about andriod apps the advantages and disadvantages, as i was on the process i found something that drew my attention about the well known Flash Keyboard which i will love to share with us today.

It ask  for the following which normal keyboard apps shouldn't ask for

  • The app were asking for access to phone’s Bluetooth connection, geo-location and/ or Wi-Fi connection which a normal keyboard app shouldn't ask for.
  • The app always ask users to hibernate background running apps, read SMS, show system overlays, or remove download notifications. Pentest says that a normal keyboard app shouldn't be asking for such permissions.
  • This so called app asked for admin access so that it can have access to your lockscreen and display irrelevant ads to you.
  • This app collects your details and forward it to a secret server located in China. This app also collects your device details such as your email address, your device manufacturer, your model number, your device IMEI and your Android version and sends it to a server located in US, Netherlands and China.
  • That's not all, this apps collects details of the current connected Wi-Fi network and others around you, the ID of the network you are using and GPS within three meters of the that user.

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It’s a poor keyboard app

My first problem with Flash Keyboard is that it's just not very good. When tested on our Oppo Find 7, a fairly large handset, it was hard to construct a sentence without a number of errors. The suggested words are okay most of the time but they must be relied upon far too frequently. It’s also just weird to have the word British or American stamped across the spacebar.

Flash Keyboard lacks a swiping function (whether you use it or not, most major keyboards provide it) and there is nothing in its list of features that sets it apart from many other keyboards. In most ways it's inferior.

It’s erratic

Sometimes there are no themes displayed in the theme store when you access the app. The recommended skins page is empty, as is the thesaurus page. I already anticipated that the developers would have little of interest in this area, but I didn't expect literally nothing.

It’s monetization methods are atrocious

I don’t have a problem with advertising or in-app purchases, I'm genuinely amazed by what some free apps offer. But Flash Keyboard's methods of advertising are particularly egregious.
The reason it frustrates me isn’t just because I am confronted by advertising every time I wish to unlock my phone, it frustrates me because it was not made clear when I installed the app that this would happen.
Flash Keyboard adds an additional lock screen – featuring an ad – to your phone, which you must unlock to get to your real lock screen. Terrible. What's more, there is a Wi-Fi-like fan symbol above the keyboard. What's it for? To take you to other apps created by the same developer (DotC United) of course. 

You can’t uninstall it

Okay, let me clarify, some people can't uninstall it. Trying to uninstall flash keyboard can be tricky if it allows itself administration privileges, which has occurred on some devices. Truthfully, in my test with the app it did not ask for these administration privileges on install. But since I have read these complaints in several locations, it shouldn't be taken lightly. 

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