Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Glo Introduced A New Tariff Plan Glo Jollific8, That Gives You 800% Value of Your Recharge

Globacom has launched a new tariff plan called Glo Jollific8, it is specially designed to give new Globacom prepaid customers eight times more value on every recharge and the offer is not just limited to calling just GLO to GLO lines, but you get to call any other network.

Hope we still remember the plan that MTN introduced the last time caled MTN StarPack that give 500% bonus, Glo Jollific8 is far more better than it because MTN StarPack gives 500% and Glo Jollific8 800%.

Some Benefit of Glo Jollific8

» Every recharge gives 8 times the value of what you recharge
» Every recharge comes with free data and free voice
» You can also choose to share free data with someone else via gift

That is to say when aver your recharge, the following bonus and data will be giving to you!

» N100 recharge, gives N800 airtime + 10MB
» N200 recharge, gives N1600+N100(25MB to gift)=N1700
» N500 recharge, gives N4000 + N200 (50MB to gift) =N4200
» N1000 recharge, gives N8k +N400 (100MB to gift)=N8400
» N5000 recharge, gives N40k + N2k (500MB to gift)=N42k

Glo Jollific8 Simplified 

1. Can I transfer the Jollific8 benefits to another customer?
Only the Gift Data can be transferred to another customer on the Glo network

2. How much do I pay for calls on these packs?
On-net and off-net calls are charged at 67k/s

3. When do the packs expire?
Bonus will expire as shown in the table in point 5.

4. Can I migrate out of Jollific8?
Yes. You can migrate out of Jollific8 by dialing the migration code of your desired profile.

5. If I migrate out of Jollific8, will I still be able to get 8 times recharge value?
No. Once you migrate out of Jollific8, you will not be able to receive the 8 times bonus on the new tariff plan.

6. Can I migrate back to Jollific8 after migrating out of the profile?
No. You cannot migrate back to Jollific8 tariff plan once you migrate out of the plan.

7. What happens to my unused Jollific8 benefits when I migrate out of the plan?
You lose the unused Jollific8 benefits when you migrate out of the tariff plan.

8. Can I share the free Data?
No. You cannot share the free data
9. Can I gift the free Data?
No. You cannot gift the free data but you can gift the Gift Data

10. For how long am I allowed to have the gift data bonus until I decide to use it?
You can have it for as long as 60days.

11. What happens to my unused bonus after validity period had lapsed?
All unused bonus will be cleared on the day of expiry.

12. Which account is charged first if I have credit in my Main account?
The bonus accounts are charged first and Main account will be charged when the bonus accounts have been fully depleted or expired.

13. For how long can I enjoy the benefits of Jollific8?
You enjoy the benefits for as long as you are on the plan.

To Join Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan

» Get a new Glo sim card
» Register and get it activated (you’ll automatically be on Jollific8 tariff plan) 
» Dial *123*Pin# and you are good to go.
» To check your data balance, dial #122# and for data gifting, dial *606#
So if you wish to enjoy this awesome offer all you need to to is to just go and get new Glo sim  register and activate it and you are automatically on the Glo Jollific8 tariff plan.

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