Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Five Ways To Help You Preserve Your Precious Battery While Playing Your Pokemon Go Game

Pokémon Go game has turn gaming experience into something amazing although  The game has  been blamed for several accidents that have occurred across some countries Like US,Uk,Canada and many of them, but not that  bad because many criminals has been capture through the means of playing Pokemon Go game.

However, the biggest issue by far that gamers have been faced with is preserving their precious battery life, So to help preserve your precious battery, I have come up with some simple hacks to help you stay connected when you're out on the prowl for more Pokemon.

1. Turn on the game's battery saving mode
It's a no-brainer, but one that may be overlooked by excited gamers raring to get started after downloading the app.

Simply click the Pokeball and click on the settings tab in the top right-hand corner. to switch on the handy function.

2. Turn off the Augmented Reality function
While you may enjoy seeing Pikachu playing in your cereal, this is an automatic battery drainer as it uses your camera function whilst running the app.

3. Hit battery saver mode on your phone
Activate your iPhone or Android optional battery-saver mode to preserve your battery life before you even start playing to give yourself a heads start.

4. Turn off the app when you're not playing
Alarm bells may be ringing for avid gamers who couldn't bear the thought of missing out on alerts. But we do have a solution...

5. Turn your phone upside down when using the app
Sounds bizarre but Internet folk are buzzing about this weird and wonderful tip. The theory is that when upside down, your phone screen turns dark thus saving some extra battery. Genius.

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