Friday, 15 July 2016

Basic Things You Should Know About VPN + The Easiest Way To Configure Any Of It

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Some of you have been asking me about the basics of configuring VPNs Like Psiphone VPN, Pronet VPN Netfy VPN, NetLoop, Tweakware and even UC mini browser (you can add the ones not listed here using the coment box) so i have decided to show us the basics and everything we should know.

What Is VPN
A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. some VPNs are been use to change an IP of a device mostly PC and Phone, in the world today almost all companies make use of VPNs for their security even individuals make use of it, because the are to many cyber crime going on the internet so for you to protect your files and data its necessary for you to make use of it.

VPNs are not only use for file and data protections, but also network penetration! how do i mean? with the help of VPN you can perpetrate some network, you can log into some restricted area on the net, hack wifi passwords and do many things with your cell phone and PC.

Classes Of VPN 
There are many classes of VPNs but am going to mention two and the are (1) VPNs for Protection and (2) VPN for network penetration.

VPNs For Protection: are those type of VPN that helps you protect yourself and even change you location eg Cloud VPN.

VPNs for Network Penetration: Are those type of VPNs use to penetrate the network eg Pronet, Tweakware, Psiphone, UC mini browser. 

How Do I configure Network VPNs

My purpose of written this post is to show us how to configure networks VPNs and i will do this with the help of some screenshots. 

All the settings of network VPNs are the same accept some but the almost the same, just follow the screenshot and you will be clear.

The Important parts of Network VPNs
though all the parts on network VPNs are important but the most used ones are Remove Port, Proxy TypeCustom Header, Proxy Server, User Name Password,  Real Proxy Type, Real Proxy Server and Real Proxy Port + Save Button.
Am not going to go into deep details of any of them but if you have any question ask me using the the comment box and i will explain to you.

When ever you are ask to configure a VPN this are the area you should be looking at.

Remove Port

Proxy Type

Custom Header

Proxy Server

User Name


Real Proxy Type

Real Proxy Server

Real Proxy Port


Then Option More Option

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Thats all you need to know about setting your network VPN, ask you questions and also use the share button.

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