Sunday, 3 July 2016

Bad News:Say A Big Good Bye To Your Lovely BlackBerry OS

Anything that has beginning in this world surely will one day come to an end. Back in those days that blackberry came out newly, men everybody wants to get one, all the bae were pressuring their boo for it, men people were doing all sort of illegal things just to get blackberry smart phone, even some girls went into a serious unrevisable mess just because of Blackberry, i knew of a girl that almost lost everything because of BB.

But now, ordinary WhatsApp has just determined the fate of Blackberry devices.
WhatsApp had earlier announced that they will end supports for Blackberrycome 31st December 2016; but disaster stroke 3 days ago when WhatsApp roll-out aching reminder, reminding users that they’ll end supports come ending of the year.

Even though Blackberry 10 devices do accept android application, meaning that you can install WhatsApp apk on your BB 10 but it doesn’t work like normal WhatsApp on Blackberry, doesn’t display notification integrated via the hub. It is just like using 2go on Nokia 3310.
Guys is high time we berried our BlackBerry and go for android phone because i can predict the next fate of BlackBerry, may be 2go will also say good bye to BlackBerry OS whatsapp as whatsapp and facebook has done..

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