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4 Best Flash-drive/Pen-drive That You Should Make Use Of For A Better Experience

Flash-drive/Pen-drive has been worldwide cloud storage that every individuals and company make use of to store important files and the most amazing thing there is it can keep your files as long as you want it to though google and Microsoft has introduced online storage medium known as One Drive and Google Drive, each of them gives you 15GB free storage space to store your files and data's, though this is a nice turn but to be realistic, here in West Africa were no wifi for browsing and no constant internet access, no stable light to go online anytime you like, is that really a good alternative for us ?.

Back to the main topic, Flash drive has really served me in particular because i love keeping files and data's and am sure many of does, but it gets annoying when you purchase the wrong flash-drive thinking you have a trust wordy storage device but to realize after a week of your purchase and saving files and data's you can not get back again that you have made an unforgivable mistake, for this curse i have made my researches and have personally made use them even using two right now, though you can not rely on today's techs, but the list am giving out today are reliable

List Of Good Ans Well Serving Flash Drive You Make Use Of 

This are the list of flash drives i recommend and also some background details of them so that you will know about what you are going to purchase.

KingStone Flash Drive
SanDisk Flash Drive
PNY Flash Drive
Corsair Flash Drive

KingStone Flash Drive:
Kingston Technology Corporation is an American, privately held, multinational computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, sells and supports flash memory products and other computer-related memory products. Headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, United States, Kingston Technology employs more than 3,000 employees worldwide as of Q1 2016. The company has manufacturing and logistics facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Taiwan, and Mainland China.
It is the largest independent producer of DRAM memory modules, currently owning 59% of the third-party worldwide DRAM module market share, according to IHS, Kingston is arguably the second largest supplier of flash memory

SanDisk Flash Drive: 
SanDisk Corporation is an American global company that designs, develops and manufactures flash memory storage devices and software and the third-largest manufacturer of flash memory in the world.[1] The company is based in Milpitas, California. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of American technology company

PNY Flash Drive:
PNY Electronics, Inc. originated out of Brooklyn, New York in 1985 as a company that bought and sold memory chips.
In 1996, the company was headquartered in Moonachie, New Jersey, and had a manufacturing production plant there, an additional plant in Santa Clara, California, and served Europe from a third facility in Bordeaux, France.[1]
To emphasize its expansion into manufacturing new forms of memory and complementary products, the company changed its name in 1997 to PNY Technologies, Inc. The company now has main offices in Parsippany, NJ; Santa Clara, CA; Miami, FL, Bordeaux, France, and Taiwan.
PNY is a memory and graphics technology company and a manufacturer of computer peripherals like the following

Flash memory cards
USB flash drives
Solid state drives
Memory upgrades
NVIDIA GeForce and Quadro graphics cards
HDMI cables
DRAM modules

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Corsair Components, Inc. is an American computer peripherals and hardware company headquartered in Fremont, California. The company was incorporated in California in January 1994 and was reincorporated in Delaware in 2007. In January 2010 the company was incorporated again in Delaware as Corsair Components, Inc. Corsair designs and sells a range of products for computers, including high-speed DRAM modules, power supplies, USB flash drives, memory and case cooling solutions, gaming peripherals, computer cases, solid-state drives, and speakers.

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You can equally add the ones you have used or still using that is has served you or still serving you well via the comment box

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