Friday, 10 June 2016

WhatsApp Latest Feature Allow You Quote-in-Reply

Whatsapp is introducing new features time to time to its messaging client the last update the made on whatsapp was that the enabled the ability of using bold,italics and Strickthrough messages format futures on whatsapp app.

Today Whatsapp brought another new feature message quotes and replies to its Beta version.
While chatting with your friends, if you tap on any particular message or media, be it one and one chat or a group chat you can get “reply” option on the top of the screen which allows you “reply” to that particular message only, this made chatting more interactive and brings more fun between you and your friends.

Till now, if somebody is typing questions in a sequence, the answers we give to those questions are placed below the entire conversation. With the latest option in Whatsapp, we can answer any question by quoting it which will be clearer to the both parties participating in the conversation.
Message Quotes and Replies feature is now available on Whatsapp Beta 2.16.118 version. If you are not a part of Whatsapp Beta, you can sign up for the Beta releases on Google Play Store to get new features in advance or you can download the beta version here
Once the opposite person receives your reply, the reply will display with quoted text or video to which you are responding. In Group chats each participant gets unique color, so by using Quoted replies it will become easier to differentiate who answered to what message.

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