Friday, 3 June 2016

Sure Skills That Can Earn You Money Now And In The Future

One day before i even started blogging, I was sitting alone doing nothing or let me say what i found pleasure in doing. After i have sat for like one hour my dad work up to me and he asked me a very inspiring question which is "what do you do with your time". Am putting the same question to they followers and readers of this site especially they young ones,What Do You Do With Your Time? Its a normal thing for some young people to just sit down and think that tomorrow will be better, when tomorrow comes they will live big, ride expensive cars, live in mansion, have a wonderful family and a loving home, without setting the foundation today. Many old people out there has end up regretting in one way or the other on one thing or the other, but most times the regrets are because the did not made the best choice when the were young and because of that, the found their self's in some mess the would have escaped if the did planed well when they were young, its not my prayer for this to happen to any of us.
In this post today i will on veal some things we can do for a start so that at list it will help us start building our tomorrow.

Acquire some Skills

Acquiring skills is very very important because the skills you acquire today might help you tomorrow, many people are living from the skills the acquired years back and the are very independent and are living well, nobody will sack them because they are self employed , no panic for there companies not to fold because they are there own companies. Now am going to go ahead and list out some of they skills we can acquire in less than 6 months.

1. Computer Skills

Many individuals are living from this, the are making earns from it, If i don't have computer knowledge, i will not be making this post today.

What are some computer skills i should acquire ?

There are some computer  skills you can acquire that will help you allot, and am going to list them billow

  • Computer Operations and Concepts

    Its very very important to learn the basics of computer before going into any other aspects of it. Its easy to learn, what you need is focus, practice and handwork.
    You can acquire computer knowledge from many sources, you can in-role in a computer institution or learn from a source maybe from a friend or relative. I recommend Windows XP for beginners so that you can learn fast and can be able to operate other windows.

    • Networking 

      Networking is another computer aspect that one need to learn, its can earn you some cash, companies this days are base on computers, and for a compute to transmit information from computer to another, it has to be network. When you have this skills, you are in a good ground to work for any company and you can work for more many companies at a time.

      • Graphics 

        Graphic design its also very very important, its helps you gain the knowledge of manipulating a photo from it original form to another another. there two software use in photo designing. 1. Photoshop 2. Corel draw. This are two software that photo designers use in editing photo, the are useful and much user friendly but for you to learn fast your need an aspect in it, you can always make inquiries on where to get that. I recommend Photoshop if you are going for photo design

        • Internet

          Internet is simple to learn, what you have to do is just be up and doing, always do research and master some internet languages, and you are set to go. With this knowledge you can go ahead with what ever you want

          2. Hand Works 

          Hand work is one of the reliable means of making income in the world economy, if you acquire any quality handwork you can render services to many people and make a regular income all the time without any obstacle. Most time people are discourage from learning handwork because of the long period it takes to acquire. Fortunately there are some hand work you can learn withing three months maximum and am going to list it billow.
          • Phone  Repairs 
            Millions of people makes use of phone today these needs constant services an maintenance, for this you only need two months to learn this skills and you can be you own boss. Many people in the it has confirm that it gives regular income For example in Nigeria the cheapest phone servicing is not less than N1000 and you are guaranteed of plenty customers each day.

              • Hair Dressing And Makeup
              When we talk of hair dressing and makeup what comes to many peoples mind is "thats female work" but thats not true , many male have also made income from hair dressing and makeup, many more will continue to make. In The world today beauty is the number one priority of women, and
               This skills can be learnt in less than 3 months and when that is done you are set to go.

              • Bead making
              This is very suitable for ladies although men can also engage in the skills and trust me you are going to make big money from it if you master it very well.

              You Might Be Interested

              • Fancy Brick Making
              This not hard to learn withing some Weeks you will master it, and it gives allots  of income if you know what you are doing.
              With this you are set to make your future fortune  to live big and you dreams might come to pas. also list some you think will be of help using the coment box.... all your comments are welcome.

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