Monday, 27 June 2016

Must Read: How To Brows With Etisalat BIS On PC Using Pdanet

Hello guys i made a post  here yesterday about how to browse with Etisalat BIS on And android device, well today as i have taking it upon my self to see that you are provided with the most affordable and free browsing cheat because i believe most of our activities this days are been carried out online.
Today I bring good news to you on how to brows with the Etisalat BIS on PC, i will just go straight and take you through. Follow the steps billow.

How To Brows With Etisalat BIS On PC

  1. A workable good USB cord
  2. Working Etisalat BIS on your Adnriod phone. See how to get it working HERE
  3. Pdanet for PC, download it HERE and Pdanet for andriod, download it HERE
  4. Foxfi Key, Download the latest version of FoxFi Key Here
  5. A PC
How To Get It Working On PC
After you must downloaded the required file ( PdaNet for PC and Andriod)
  1. Instal it on your PC and Andriod
  2. Run it on your Andriod and your PC
  3. On your Android you will see three connection method (USB,WIFI HOTSPOT, BLUETOOTH), just tick any one you want to connect it.
  4. On your PC run the PdaNet and select the same connection method you selected on your andriod device.
  5. After selecting it. Now click on connect and wait for just few seconds for it to get connected.
Thats all you need to do to get it working.
Am going to share how to use Etisalat BIS on Android without the help of VPN......

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