Tuesday, 7 June 2016

How to Play Any PSP Game On Andriod Device

PSP is one of the play stations I have enjoyed playing since I was a kid, from PSP 1000, PSP 2000 to PSP 3000 this PSP are so great. you may not own a PSP game player but that does not mean that you cant play a PSP game, as far as you have your Android device you are good to go.

This tutorial am about sharing has been in the internet for some time now, its not a new thing or idea to play PSP games on Android devices, its so much fun and its feels good multitasking on a single device.
 The popular tutorial out there is only on how to play PES Evolution on Your Andriod Device. But what of in a case you just want to play other cool games like God Of War,  Prince Of Persia 
 Or GTA, what are you to do? I Will guide you through on what to do that and i will make it short

This are screenshots of some PSP games played on Andriod device with PSP Gold.

What Is PSP

PSP means "Play Station Portable”.... And it's a mini form of PS (Play Station)  
The Play Station Portable (PSP) is a handheld game console developed by Sony. Development of the console was announced on 2003,  and it was unveiled on May 11, 2004, at a Sony press conference. This game have serve a whole lot of people especially youths to get them off from mental stress.

How Can I Play PSP Games On My Andriod Device

 For you to play PSP Games On your Andriod Device, Your Device should at list have

  1. A 1GB Of RAM
  2. The Processor should be 1.3GHz
  3. It should be at list 5.0 inch andriod device
  4. You should have at list 2GB SD card.
If You Device Have This Listed Requierment Then Proceed With The Billow Steps

  1. Now download PSP Gold here
  2. Install it on your andriod device
  3. After the installation go to your file manager

         4. create a new folder PSP> GAME

   5. Then copy any PSP Game of your Choice into the folder. You  can copy as many as you like into the folder

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Go back and lunch your PSP Gold you Downloaded & installed.
  1. Now go to SDcard
  2. Go to PSP

     3. Go to Games

   4. Then All The Games You Have In Your Games Folder Will Appear In This Manna

Now choose any PSP game of your choice and start playing.
On my next post on PSP am going show you how to upgrade your PSP version

In case you do not understand the tutorial well you can ask me your questions using the comment box, all your questions are welcomed and i will attend to all of them.

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