Sunday, 12 June 2016

How to Get Upto 5000 Calling Card And Cash Per day with MyLuckyZone

Many people have been rocking free airtime tricks with Slide Airtime  and other apps like it and am even one of them, one thing i like about this apps is that you dont need to formaly have a full knowledge about it before making use of it, like some people that just came across has use the airtime the get from it to subscribe and make calls as the like because if you take it very very serious you will get a lot of airtime. 
I was just making some reseraches and testing some Airtime app on my device, and the result i got from one of them is amazing and i will guide you on how to get it and free airtime using an app known as MyLuckyZone. This app has may futures and am going to share them with you here today 

MyLuckyZone is a wonderfuk reward giving application, IT sends Calling Cards and Cash to their users for browsing and you get paid when you browse your favorites sites (Facebook, OLX, Konga, Jumia, Dealdey e.t.c) via the application.

How To Earn Airtime With And Cash My Locky Zone

  1. Sign up to MylckyZone site here.
  2.  After Signing up visit your E-mail for verification link.
  3.  After verification Log-in, download the App and sign in
  1. After  signing in  with the App and goto "My Profile". Complete your profile details and do not forget to  include your mobile number.
  1. For you to start earning money, click on Earn points and Browse your favorites site like Facebook, OLX, Konga, DealDay etc from the list provided, Choose a site that you can stay online and sites with higher points for faster point increment.
  1. Click on "Products" to view your Points balance, keep browsing different websites.
  2. provided in the "Earn Points" until you have atleast 1000points.
  3. You're set, Click on the share button to share your Referral link with friends.
  4. Once you get at least 5 refals and 1000 points Goto Silver sales to purchase your calling card and cash.
  5. you can cash out either with you bank account or you line.
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